I Finally Did It!

Finally! I did it!

After months and months of thinking about starting a blog I finally did it! I am somehow proud of myself. Why did it take so long? I think because as so often life just came in the way. The “I’ll do it later” turned into “I did not do it again” and so the days went by and my blog was still not up and running. But now I did it.

And that brings me right to a thought I want to share with you. How often do you plan to do something and the day just does not turn out the way you were hoping for. And in the end, what you wanted to do, has not been done. Sometimes rather frustrating, right?

I wonder very often how this can happen to me. I am not working. Well… at least not in the common way… I am a stay at home mom. So one should think there is plenty of time for me to get stuff done. But no… and it is not just about starting a blog.

I am not a lazy person and I feel like I am constantly on the move. All those little chores which have to be done. I do wonder who you working girls with families manage to keep up! Am I just having too much fun all day? But then (hey, there IS my excuse) our kids are home-schooled. Although I do not teach them (as… how should I put it… I would definitely not be patient enough… and I would constantly question myself if I am not messing them up), I am still in charge of the after-school-time-entertainment. And that basically takes up half of the day. Don’t get me wrong. My husband is great. He teaches them (he works from home) and does an amazing job in doing so and he takes them to many of their activities. But there is still some time left for me to try to keep them busy. Which on some days feels like a big job. But most of the time it is heaps of fun. So there we go full circle… Am I having too much fun all day to get the things done I want to get done?

No! You can never have too much fun. Life is short, and life throws you lemons. And therefor you should have fun and enjoy the great moments as you never know when you need all your energy to bite through one of those lemons again. And as long as the important things are done, the little ones can wait a bit longer.

But now I really need to go and vacuum the floor…

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