Fat And Lazy!

My morning usually starts with walking the dogs then making breakfast for everyone and getting the kids ready for the day. Then I enjoy my tea and read online papers and posts on Facebook. And today one of those posts made me mad.

Apparently there is a personal trainer out there who decided to call new moms fat and lazy and claims they use their babies as and excuse for not jumping back into exercising hard right away. I quote “Yeah it’s tough, but there is always time during the day for exercise. It doesn’t have to be the wrong choices.”

Now, Mr Allan Trinh: Who do you think you are?

Let me tell you something: If you would be a female and a mom, I would just say that you are a bit crazy and would probably slightly admire you for being able to pull it off.

But you are not. You are a man and therefor you only know the theory but you have no clue about how it feels. You have no clue what you are talking about and in my eyes you are a really bad personal trainer. You have no clue how it feels to carry a baby. No matter if it is your first one or the second or third… You have no clue how much your body changes and how much you change during this time. You have no clue how exhausting a pregnancy can be. You have no clue how frustrating it can be to have all those cravings and knowing that the weight you put on while giving in will not be shed that easily. You have no clue how good it feels to give in to some cravings. You have no clue how it feels to be in labor and to give birth and you definitely have no clue how sore your body feels afterwards. You also have no clue how exhausting it is to suddenly be responsible for a little baby and to get up every so often during the night to feed your child and to change diapers and then not being able to go back to sleep right away. You also have no clue how exhausting it is not to properly sleep because in a way you are always listening to your baby to check if everything is okay. Again you have no clue how our body feels and how sore we still might be. Maybe our lower back is still going crazy, now from carrying a baby around and lifting our child up so often. You have no clue how we feel now that the hormones are going nuts again. So excuse us moms if we do not have the energy to start working out to go back to our hopefully skinny model look in a totally crazy short time. Because besides all the above most of us moms will then also take care of the baby during the day plus clean the house plus cook our husbands meals and clean up and do the laundry. So excuse us if we do take those few moments during the day to rest and maybe get some sleep instead of working out.

Unfortunately we live in a world where celebrities have to push themselves back to the before baby look in a couple of weeks after birth and in doing so put so much pressure on us normal moms. Everyone expects us to bounce back to our normal selves in no time instead of giving the body time to heal. Because in the end that is what it’s about. The body has to heal and find back into its shape.

As a friend of mine once said: A women should be given a year to find back to her pre pregnancy shape, because that is about the amount of time a pregnancy takes (including some weeks after birth) to change your body. So ladies: Take this time. Go slow and steady. Because in this case, it will win you the trophy in the end.

10 thoughts on “Fat And Lazy!

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  2. The sheer audacity of some people just amazes me. Lol. Because I’m working on a challenge with a friend at the kindness blog about not saying unkind things this year, I’ll give this workout guru the benefit of the doubt, and hope that he was just having trouble expressing himself in English. If a woman who has a brand-new baby to look after can even find the time in a day to work in an exercise regimen on top of everything else, then my hat is off to that lady.

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    • That is a good challenge… And good on you for giving him that little room. I believe he just has no idea. Is for sure not a dad yet, otherwise he would probably know what new moms / parents go through 😉 And I agree, hats off to moms who actually find time for themselves at this time.

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