Bigger! Better! Faster! More!

It’s a bit of a thing with this workout routine.

Exercising plays a big role in my life. Most of the time I love it, sometimes I hate it and I sort of always do it. I just came back from a 5km run and feel good but I might squeeze in another short and sweet HIIT workout a bit later. And not only because I was a bit naughty on the weekend but also because I just feel like it…

You know, I love the feeling that suddenly your body is able to do more, to go just that little bit further and that maybe on certain days you don’t feel just tired enough after that one workout.

Is it an addiction? Yes, I believe I am at the point where I consider my daily workout routine kind of an addiction. But in a good way. I do feel bad if I can not work out. It’s as if something is missing. It is my time out. I love to sweat. I need it. I need my workouts to let off steam, to fight bad moods and to get energy back. And in 99% it works just the way I was hoping for. Sometimes not even a good, hard workout can get my good mood back or give me back some really needed energy. But those days are just the bad days and I guess we have to deal with them every now and then. But most of the time I feel so much better after working out.

So next time I will try to go bigger, to do it better, maybe faster and I know I will be able to do more…

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