Breaking patterns

A couple of years ago I worked as a dance fitness instructor and loved my group of ladies and I loved and still love the program. Do you already wonder what this has to do with breaking patterns?

Well, as so often in life, we get stuck in certain patterns and my classes were no different. Of course I had my routine but let’s not focus on that as this was part of the job. It was interesting to see how my ladies stuck to ‘their’ particular spots in the room. I could have probably made a tiny cross with their initial on the floor for each of them and they would have stood right on top of it. As an instructor you are aware of it (as you also get told to change your class around every so often) and you try to mix it up every now and then. Believe me, it is not an easy task. Of course they followed my prompts to swap places but as soon as possible everyone moved back to their space… And I totally understand why.

You know, I do the same thing. It just feels weird. It feels weird to suddenly be on the other side of the room. It feels weird to have to look the other way. It feels weird to suddenly stand next to someone else…

It feels the same for me now doing yoga. every time I enter the room, I think about putting my mat down on a different spot. But most of the times I pick ‘my’ spot over a new one. Because I feel more comfortable with it. And it’s the yoga class that actually made me think about breaking patterns.

It’s not only in your exercise class. Same thing happens in class rooms even on University levels.

My husband told me how he got so thrown off when he entered the room back in the days and there was someone sitting on ‘his’ desk, on ‘his’ chair!!! “What the hell!” and “Where should I sit now?” Those were his thoughts. This corner is not good because of this and the other one is not ideal because of that. And ‘his’ ideal spot was now taken by someone else! It threw him off.

How about your favorite Cafe or Restaurant. Suddenly ‘your’ table is taken. Or in a Hotel on the pool when suddenly your corner is occupied by someone else (that is if you actually get to stay long enough to make a corner yours). Or in the bus or the tram or the train (if you frequently use one of them)? Was or am I the only one feeling that way in a situations like that? Probably not…

Yesterday our yoga instructor made us change things around. She mentioned how much we get stuck in our patterns in our daily routines, with our habits and how important it is to every now and then change things around. So suddenly we did certain things different during our practice and it felt weird, unfamiliar but in a way good as well. I felt a bit silly on my mat in ‘my’ corner, on ‘my’ spot.

There are heaps of patterns, routines, habits in my life now. Which ones can I swap around, which one can I change and which habits or patterns are not easy to break? And while I was thinking about which ones to change I remember habits of mine from when I grew up or when I was younger. Just to mention a few:

Skiing: When we went skiing I always choose the ride side on the t-bar or on the chairlift. Especially on the t-bar I felt very uncomfortable on the left side…

Horseback riding: Looking back I feel like I was always on the right side of my friend when we went for a ride. I am pretty sure I was never really on her left…

In the movies: I was always sitting on the right side of my friend. Same with Ice hockey games (sitting or standing) and any other places we watched something.

Parking: Not only then but also now I am so much more comfortable with a parking spot on my left side, no matter if it is parallel parking or not. I find this actually interesting the driver seat is not on the same side in Switzerland and Australia. So it has nothing to do with where I am actually sitting…

We are stuck in our patterns, habits and in our routines. And we hardly break out of them. We are stuck in them because it is more comfortable not to change things around. The way we do it is familiar to us and it is not as much work anymore because we are used to the way we do it. I know there are plenty of studies out there and I am really keen to look some up.

I think I need to change things up a bit. Some routines are important and some patterns too, but there are so many which are just silly, and I guess only difficult to break through because they are so deeply manifested to almost feel normal to us. I don’t really think that it is a bad thing to do things your specific way. But I also want to stay flexible in my mind (and body… but that’s another story) and therefor want to break out of my patterns a little bit.

How do you feel about patterns, routines? Would you like to break your patterns your habits? Would you like to change your routines around a bit? Or would you prefer to leave it the way it is? And why?

Breaking patterns, habits and routines: Maybe one of the reasons we enjoy going away for vacation so much…

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