The Kids Giggle

Don’t you love the sound of kids laughter and giggles?

Personally I can’t get enough of it. Especially of my kids’. And while I was sitting here and browsing through all the new posts of my fellow blogger’s pages, my kids go crazy on their trampoline. They laugh, they giggle. They just have a great time. I love how well they get along and how well they play together, although our son is 4 years older than our daughter. They just get on really well.

At one stage during my pregnancy with our first one, I thought about how I like him to be. You know as a person. And I wished for him to be happy, healthy and a respectful person. Respectful of others, of animals and nature. Respectful of his environment. Of course I had the same hopes for my little girl. And so far they turned out just the way I was hoping them to be.

Reading some of the blogs over the last couple of days made me realize, how lucky I am. I do appreciate my life. Always did. But reading some of the stories made me appreciate it even more.

Here I am, living my life in love with my husband, the love of my life and my best friend, who loves me to bits and would do anything for me and our kids. We have healthy and happy kids, who appreciate their life and us and their friends and just everything. I am healthy, my husband is healthy and the kids are healthy.

What more can you ask for?

2 thoughts on “The Kids Giggle

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