Some Links I Would Like To Share With You

Hey, I am not sure how to start this post. I would so love to write a lot about the why and so on but I sort of don’t find the right words. So in short: I do not surf the Internet. But I for sure have a couple of “places” I frequently visit. And here are the links for you to go and check it out if you like to.

I follow Zuzka now for about 6 years, started following her and her workouts when she was hosting another site but just love what she did when she started this one. Her workouts used to be for free and you can still find probably just about under 100 on youtube if you look for a ZWOW workout. They are short, effective and really hard. And: You can do them at home or where ever. No gym needed and most of them are bodyweight workouts. I like to check out her Nutrition tips and the recipes I’ve tried from her were really worth it.

For me there is one really great website to go to for so many healthy recipes, habits and tips for just developing a healthier lifestyle. A place I visit on a regular base as well.

Now for this… How should I put it… This is finally a place where victims get a voice and Derryn Hinch speaks out what so many only think. And he puts action in his words. It got him in trouble. And standing up for victims and against criminals also got him into jail. I appreciate what he is doing.

Well, I guess besides Google and Wikipedia the only thing I am looking up frequently are The Age, The Huffington Post and as Swiss Blick and Tagesanzeiger.

It is not much. I do not surf, as I said. Every now and then there might be something new or totally different. But that happens, when someone sends me a link and I just go there and check it out.

Not much meat on this bone, I am afraid. I hope my next post will be a bit more exciting 😉

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