Road Trip

We had a long day today. Driving to a destination we haven’t been yet. A little getaway for a long weekend kind of thing.What a great trip it was so far.

And this is a big shout out to my family! My mother-in-law for being the beautiful person she is (Oh yes! She is amazing and I love her to bits!), my husband for driving all the way (and because I love him) and my kids for traveling so well and having so much fun, although we’ve spent almost 10 hours driving (and because I never ever want to miss them in my life).

Well, we made it. A great road trip, some stops in between, a nice dinner and 1 1/2 bottles of wine between my MIL and me later and I am finally here typing this.

I am tired but there is something I want to mention: This country takes my breath away! It amazes me! I don’t know if you can relate to this, but the fact that you can drive for hours without seeing a house is just mind bugling for me. Depending on where you come from you might not understand. But growing up in Switzerland this is a big deal!

See, as beautiful as Switzerland is (as clean and green and just awesome…), it is overpopulated. There are too many people! I mean, you try hard to get to a five hour drive and not cross a border somewhere in Switzerland. But there is no way you can drive for more than say 30min without seeing a house… (And if you manage, you are probably in a tunnel…)

So driving here is different to me. I find it almost magical. Time sort of stops, or slows down… And it already starts half an hour outside a major city! And there is nothing but nature… And we only drove from one State’s capital to another on a major highway! I can’t imagine what else is out there! And I mean far out there. Outback out there!

But I guess this will be an other road trip in our future. I am sure looking forward to it 🙂





18 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Looks beautiful! Whenever I take a road trip here in Texas I am always surprised at how little there is a couple of hours outside of the city. Where were you guys headed?


  2. Road trips are fun- as long as the baby/children behave! We just got home from a road trip yesterday and though I love road trips, I love the feeling of being home after a long trip as well 🙂


  3. Your photos are amazing and your trip sounds magical!! So colorful… And I too can’t imagine not seeing a house for miles! Thanks for sharing with us!


  4. Lovely photos! Australia and Switzerland…yes, quite different landscapes. I loved Switzerland when I went there in my teens and would’ve happily stayed there indefinitely. The only thing I didn’t like…THE TUNNELS! I hate tunnels, especially ones that go for ages.

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    • Lots of tunnels in Switzerland 🙂 But imagine there wouldn’t be any! It would take you much longer to get to certain places in Switzerland or you could not get there… or it would not be as save… I am not a big fan of tunnels myself. But I guess I am sort of used to it…

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  5. Well for a 10hr journey I’d prefer Switzerland (never been to Australia though and I know it has some very good sights)!! But Switzerland! oh! I remember seeing all these tiny villages in the slopes, and lakes, so many lakes. But road trips are really fun!

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  6. I am reading a book – The man who cycled the world- by Mark Beaumont and I have just reached the part where he crossed across to Australia to cross it. He starts from Fremantle and then goes to Esperence ( maybe I am wrong) and then goes North to the Great Outback- I have reached just there- he writes about Spiders too and a couple of snakes so far and lots of parrots/Parakeets. And of course, the vastness of the country. Texans may identify with Australia but for the rest of the world, empty spaces, are a novelty.
    So glad you’ve written this post.

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