My Picks Of The Week #41

I really enjoy doing this because I really enjoyed every single one of those posts and blogs so much. But it is also really hard. I want to keep the number down to 10-15 but there are so many great posts out there… So here are my picks of the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Lets start with Travelling true north post about true silence and how hard it is to find it. Don’t you crave true silence from time to time as well?

I really loved how Twins from Scratch describes the grey zones we move in in our Life, and that it is totally okay to do so. Sometimes for whichever reasons we might not be able to fully commit to something.

This might be a bit of a grey zone as well: Imagine you suddenly realize that you are in love with your best friend. Not a big deal? What if you are otherwise straight but your best friend is of the same gender? Aha! There we go, I knew it might be a bit more complicated than that… Beautiful post and I really loved reading it.

Thank you so much Cognitve Reflection for sharing Carl Sagen’s quote! How good to read this again and realize where we actually are…

And she did it again! She made me think again about something so important. But honestly, I really never considered what abortion could trigger in a father. Tempest Rose nails it in her post and it is definitely worth reading. I wonder actually what you think about this post and what is said.

Could it be? Is there something in between consensual sex and rape? I really don’t know…For me there is consensual sex or there is rape. Is there a grey zone?

Wish I would have read this post when I wrote mine about bullying. Some good insights in the thoughts of someone being bullied and also of someone who decided to bully to not get bullied anymore… Thanks Oxygen4thejourney for sharing!

And over to something lighter: All about being a mom or a dad! As if it is so easy, as you can read here:

Hey mom’s, do you know that feeling you get when baby is just not sleeping? Total exhaustion? Yes, but also the feeling that you do it wrong because all the other babies are sleeping? I could so totally relate when I read Stolen Sleep‘s post about the struggle to get baby to sleep. Oh, I remember those times!

I consider myself really lucky, because I feel I have easy kids. But Happiness is here brings it to the point. It is not just luck if you have great kids, who know how to behave. It is also hard work and good parenting. So I will pat myself on the back right now for doing a great job and then I will give my husband a big pat on his back for being such an amazing dad. Like Neil Humphrey he too believes in being a real dad who spends as much quality time as possible with his kids.

But of course it is not always possible to be there for your kids all the time. For many different reasons. And unfortunately as well when they get taken away from you. I comment Jisbell22 for trying hard to keep the relationship up and running and for sharing his thoughts about it. Parenting is hard. And sometimes it is hard to answer a question right.

Do you love both of your kids equally? I find this post by Mellow and the Wildling really brave as she writes about something so many of us think but you don’t want to speak it out.

Just a dad with Disney questions has some really amusing thoughts and heaps of good questions when it comes down to the favorite movies of his kids. And no, The Archibald Files, it does not only happen to you. But loved how you told that story :-).

Maybe we all need some tips from Mom Life now about Power Posing. Have a good weekend everyone πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #41

  1. Great idea for weekly post… helps both you and your readers eith memorable moments.
    I started a one off post too on bloggers who had a particular impact on my journey but draft never left board n ended up in one line nominations for lovely blog.
    But many were left out. This is a great way to continue… if I may borrow your idea
    Great post – looking forward to installments!


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