The Ugly Question: Am I Pretty or Ugly?

Well said. This is an issue which really concerns me.

You know, I think we all already struggle with our appearance and it shows and our kids pick it up. We might think we try and we hide it but we actually don’t.

I had a conversation about the “ugly” or “fat” issue with a friend of mine recently. And she told me that in her home they do not talk about how someone looks but rather what the strength of this person is. I love the approach and I want to incorporate this in my home.

Nevertheless… it is not easy. I grew up with a mom who struggled with her body. She was beautiful and she still is, but she always thought she is not pretty enough and she always struggled with her weight. Although she always told me how good I look, how pretty I am, it still had a huge influence on me. Yes, she also told me to be careful with what I eat and so on. But it was more what I witnessed than what she actually said to me that influenced me (see my post about this issue).

Being a role model is really hard. And scary… And I hope I will do the right thing and lead my kids on the right path…

Sights & Insights

Kids are becoming dupes of unscrupulous people.

Watching the Ted Talk with Meaghan Ramsey – Unilever’s Global Director of the Dove Self-Esteem project – on ‘Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you”, hit home. About 10,000 people a month, mostly young girls, Google the phrase, “Am I ugly?”

They get many answers, but most are despicable, impacting these fragile youngsters’ self-perception in devastating ways. These ‘online advisers’ are contributing to an increased amount of youth’s eating disorders, drugs and alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, depression, self-mutilation, suicide, early sex, abuse, and more.

IMG_0098I Googled and hit 177.000.000 entries.  I watched this girl’s video on YouTube and read also chat thread ‘amiugly’ on Reddit; many young boys are asking the same question to strangers, who ‘willingly’ answer to their call for help.

Most of us has long passed adolescence, while others are fresh adults. We know that when hormones rule over our body and emotions, we become uncertain and may want to stay a…

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2 thoughts on “The Ugly Question: Am I Pretty or Ugly?

  1. I agree that being a role model for my kids is scary–because they are watching us or imitating me, whether i realize it or not. In the end, they will be ultimately be responsible for their own choices, just as I must answer for mine, but I know my choices are influencing them, every day. . . .


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