Indecent Proposal

Imagine you are in a happy relationship with the love of your life. Everything is just beautiful. Everything but the money side of your life. Because you’ve just gambled and lost everything you had… And then someone offers a ton of money for a night with you…

Fourth Wall – You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is – and what happens to you while you are there.” Today’s Daily Prompt.

Well, I am not going to do that. Or at least, I am not explicitly going to do that. Because I will not write about my favorite movie. This is about a movie, which made me think when I saw it the first time. And it keeps doing it again and again. Even if I haven’t seen it for a long time.

Remember “Indecent Proposal“? With Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson? If you do and if you remember what the movie was all about (which you most probably do), then you know already where this is going.

Would I… or better would we accept such a proposal and what affect would it have on us, on our relationship? What would I do, how would I react. And where would it go from there…

So let’s just take a step back and have a look at the whole idea from a very distant point of view:

One million Dollars is a lot of money for what is basically a one-night-stand…
You just gambled away all of your savings. There is nothing left. You really need that money, and not only to realize a dream project but to keep your house…
The guy is at least attractive and well mannered…
He wants to spoil you as well and not just fuck you…
You are high school sweethearts and your relationship is rock solid. It seems like nothing and nobody can come in between you…

One million dollars is a huge amount of money! Given, that you have just lost all of your savings and that you can now not built the project that was meant to kick off your career, it is money you really need. It is a huge amount of money someone wants to pay for a one-night-stand with you. In a way it is easy earned money (if you can forget the fact that you have to spread your legs for a total stranger, who actually pays you for doing so…). So given that you are madly in love with your partner and your relationship is rock solid, it seems like not being a big deal…

You sign a contract, you spend the evening and the night (while your partner tries to focus on something else), you get it done and you get the money. Problem solved…

If only it would be that easy, right?

The billionaire in fact does not only want a one-night-stand. If it would be only about sex…man… he could get that for way less money. He wants you! And he is ready to pay a lot of money for you. The one-night-stand is only a door opener… So given that he is a very successful man, he actually already expects to get you for good. Because he is probably used to get what he wants. And he probably knows how to get what he wants. After all, you live with a guy, who you might love and share a past with but who has no career just yet. Who has just lost all of his money…All of your money too.

The billionaire is not buying your body for that night. He actually buys himself time and the opportunity, to show you what you could have, if you would choose him. He lays it out in front of you. Like a bait. Himself but also the luxury which comes along with being in his life. He plays the nice guy, which he in fact might be. Don’t get me wrong, he might be a really good catch… And see: This is a problem! He already wins! The moment you think, that he might actually be a good catch, he has won! He is in your head and he managed to very slowly crawl between you and your husband. Big deal!

As a couple you have just made the stupid decision to gamble and you’ve lost. You’ve lost not only all of your money but you’ve also lost the one chance to actually realize a project, which would have opened lots of doors to a better life. To a career and to luxury. And now you’ve just thrown it all away. Big deal!

Although your relationship is strong and you feel like nothing can get in between the two of you, it can still be bruised. And it will. For one you decide to sleep with another man. And on the other side your partner decides that you sleep with another man. For money. Which in normal life would be called prostitution… Or sometimes Gold digging… but that’s just a side note…

So trust goes out the window. Because how can you trust someone in the future, who is willing to sleep with someone for a certain amount of money? And how can you trust someone in the future, who is willing to sell your body for a certain amount of money? You can not! Because there will always be this little voice in your head: Will she do it again? This time maybe for less or no money? Or will he accept such an offer again? Maybe this time without talking it through with me? Would he sell me for less this time? Trust? No longer as strong as before. Big deal!

You go into this adventure strong and as a unit. You come out of it bruised and with major issues.

When I first saw the movie and for a long time after, I thought that I would do it. I thought that I would accept such an offer. Because, hey, it’s a lot of money, and I would love to get such an amount of money just like that. It is money desperately needed. Money, which could kick start my love’s career, which could kick start a better life for us. I thought that it is not a big deal to just spend the night with this guy. As I said: At least he is not unattractive, has manners and seems to be a nice guy (besides offering a million bucks for someone’s wife…). It is just one night, I thought. Do it, leave and forget about it. Go back to your man with one million in your pocket and continue to live your happy life with Mr Perfect.

Not anymore. Nothing would be the same anymore. And not just because of one million dollars more in your bank account. I would not be the same person anymore. My husband would not be the same person anymore. Our relationship, if you could still call it that, would no longer be the same. Our past would always be a before and an after… And our future… I don’t know if we would have a future anymore.

So if I would be in this movie for a day and do things my way, it would end up being a boring and bad movie. It would most probably never make it to the screen. I would never gamble away all of our money in the first place. Yes, I would try to gamble but only a certain amount. If I loose, at least not everything is gone. If I win, take half of the money you won and gamble on with this amount. Or even take all the money you’ve won and gamble with that. Because even if you loose all of that, you basically have not lost anything.

I would not accept a proposal like this, because I know it would scar me and my husband forever. He would never want me to do it. And I know, because we only recently talked about this movie and how we would react. And believe me, he was way more certain about not doing it, than I was 😉

Maybe I would be gutsy enough to ask the billionaire to invest in my husbands project. But probably not even that, as again, it would open a door for him to enter our life. And I would not want that…

So sometimes things that appear so tempting and clear are not that clear and simple. They are still tempting but for sure not as simple. Are they really worth the sacrifice you might encounter? I know that it’s always easy to talk about the ifs and whens. And it is easy to have an opinion if you are not in the situation. Things might be different, might feel different if you really face a decision in a specific moment. But some things are just crystal clear. And for me it is the fact, that I would never want to risk what I have today. For nothing!

11 thoughts on “Indecent Proposal

  1. Yep, yep. I wouldn’t either.

    I remember when so many women were caught up in this fantasy when the movie came out. I was watching it and, well ROBERT REDFORD! Right? Get me a fan.

    I was like- hell to the no. It didn’t take long for the fantasy to get real ugly really quickly.

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  2. I wld do it with my husbands blessings , which I have. Though I struggle with the idea of being a “hooker” if I cld pay off my mortgage and have some to put away, what is the harm? My husband has always been a believer in sex is sex. I love him like no other but if I cld again pay off mortagage and buy hubby a new sports car, who the hell cares! 12 hrs of my life…..

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    • Lots and lots of thoughts to be considered… I totally see what you are saying. Still wondering if it would still be that way if you’d really do it? I kind of think we would be okay with it too because we have more. But then I wonder how both of us would feel if it would happen really…


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