What Do You Want From Me?

I am so new to blogging… I still feel like a newborn and that is what I basically am: A newborn blogger.

Of course I still try to find my way and find out, what my readers like best. I keep an eye on my stats and try to figure out which posts you like best. But it is hard, as I am only in my second month of blogging and over the last 5 weeks have met so many of fellow newborn bloggers… And naturally we check each other out and we do support each other as well.

I ask myself the question every day: What is my blog all about?

I hear my husband’s words in the back of my mind, who told me that I would have to find a subject to blog about and stick to it. I see the words of other bloggers in front of me about finding out who you are and stick to it. I see the advices given in blogging 101 and blogging 201.

But I struggle with it. Who am I (that I sort of know) and what is my blog about?

After I made a comment on his post about target audience OM told me that there are a lot of Mommy Bloggers out there… And I agree… I visit a lot of their blogs!

Am I a Mommy Blogger? Am I an Expat Blogger? Am I a Homeschooling Blogger? No and yes.

I struggle with the fact that I need to decide on exactly which subject I want to focus on. As I just can’t. I am a mom, an expat, I’m Swiss, I’m Australian, homeschooling, a woman, still a little girl in my mind sometimes, a cook, a horse girl, a mountain girl, crazy about nature, crazy about the ocean and about food, wine and workout. So how should I only focus on one of them?

Now, I wonder: What do you want from me? What do you want from this blog? What do you think I should write about? Should I focus more on one specific subject? I would really love to know your opinion…

60 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I think it is less about asking what potential readers want and more about finding out what you want to share first. And then sharing it. I don’t have a target audience myself and I asked that question as the daily opinion to really get people to think about who they wish to connect with. The answer may very well be “everyone,” and that to me is ok! I hope you keep at it and keep on blogging. -OM
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  2. I just want to find people being who they are. It’s rare that I stick with a blog that sticks to topics on a single aspect of life. I want to know the blogger in all her splendor, not just that one piece. Sometimes I do still think my blog would be more widely read if I, too, could stick to one thing … but I enjoy it the most when it’s my outlet for whatever feels right right now.

    Super useful, huh? πŸ™‚

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  3. I think you should write about whatever you want to write about. All of those things are who you are, and to try to avoid writing about any of them in order to just focus on one of them will frustrate you. Use your tags an categories, and then people will be able to find you through your different subjects, and when they visit, will be able to read whatever parts interest them. There’s no rule that says your blog focus must be narrow. Good luck!

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    • Thank you! And yes, exactly! I would be extremely frustrated. I am working on the navigation on my blog to hopefully make it easier for visitors to find the post they would like to read (or subject). A work in progress πŸ˜‰

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  4. Sometimes it takes time to discover what it is you should focus on..I think you should just be free and write on random topics/stories/poems and finally you see your blog slowly starts to take shape..This should be a place you enjoy coming into and people find joy when visiting..All the best dear!

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  5. I think that you write what you feel in the moment. Sometimes I write fiction and sometimes about parenting things and sometimes about nursing (my profession), not breastfeeding lol πŸ˜‰


  6. Why are you blogging?

    For an outlet?
    For encouragement?
    For relationships?
    To pass on wisdom?
    For money?

    I have a blog because I desperately needed something I could start and finish on a regular basis. .. raising kids does not fall into that category. .. plus I love meeting new people!!

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  7. If you have something you are passionate about, then that’s what you write about. I mean I guess it depends on the purpose behind your blogging. I mean I love writing, poetry and just sharing other peoples work, so that’s what I do. If people like what I post then that’s cool but never would I post things just because it is what people want. We have enough of that in this world lol.


  8. I understand your dilemma. I love science. I love talking about it, teaching it and getting my own kids excited about it. I tried at the beginning to keep a strictly science focus. I found it needed more personality so I tried to get more personal anecdotes in my posts but I still try to keep it science related. I am hoping to have posts which vary in nature to maintain interest but still have science as a core focus. Its not easy I must say but I’m enjoying the challenge. Keep working at it. Try different things and figure out what comes easier. It may end up being more of your core focus!


  9. What I found what worked best for me was to just be me. I’m passionate about Christ and I started my blog out focusing on that but I have too much creativity and a sense of humor to just write about that. Now I’m connecting with more readers because my blog is reflecting the whole me.

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  10. I think it’s up to you – write what you want. You don’t have to fit yourself into a box and lock yourself down. You don’t have to define yourself if you are writing for fun. Of course, if your goal is millions of readers and a book deal and tons of money from advertisers, then you’ll want to pick one area and stick to it, but I don’t think that’s what you’re going for. Continue doing what you’re doing, and build up a community rather than an audience.

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  11. I’m just repeating what so many have already said . . . write what you love, what speaks to you. I’m always amazed at how many people connect to my writing and my subjects because it feels so personal to me. πŸ™‚

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  12. I enjoy reading your posts and they are about a lot of different things! It is a struggle to find a niche, I love so many things an don’t always want to blog about the little one. Like the others have said, we probably need to keep the blogging advice in mind and a we continue it will become more clear. I hope. πŸ™‚

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  13. I’m a firm believer that as long as you are being true to yourself and you’re confident in what you are doing, in any matter, you will succeed. There is such a thing as a “Lifestyle” blogs that include all of the things it sounds like you want to talk about. Sometimes other people just want to see what someone else’s life is like. Who knows who you are reaching, but your writings about workouts and homeschooling and being an expat could really inspire somebody or give someone else comfort that someone is going through the same things they are. The thing that ties it all together is you. So let yourself shine through and be honest and open in every post and that will be your blog’s “theme”. Don’t force anything. Relinquish control and let it come out! Just write, girl!

    -pw (also a newborn)

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  14. What attracts me to your posts is exactly what you believe to be a weakness… The variety. As most of the others have also said, when you write about yourself and the things that come naturally and sincerely to you, it brings about a connection with your readers. And ideas to build on for similarities in our lives too. Our lives can never be one dimensional. It takes courage to write the way you do. So, I can only say thank you and keep it up…

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  15. I think that there are advantages to focusing on one or two things, and there are advantages to diversifying, there are of course also downsides to both.

    I started off writing anything and everything but it felt messy, and pretty much unread apart from a few people. I started to focus on the picture scenarios and a few things about my blogging and yes it felt more focused but I don’t think any more read than it was when it was a bit of everything.

    I am now thinking of bringing a bit of variety back in. I don’t honestly know what is best, everything I try doesn’t seem to work, but you may have more luck. But really I guess you should write what pleases you.

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      • Thanks. It may or may not happen. I am finding that the longer I have the blog that the less I care about that kind of thing, (ghost followers will always wind me up though lol). I should write because I find it enjoyable, if the followers, likes and comments come then great, if they don’t then oh well ill repost it another time. If I am writing for likes, comments and followers and don’t get many and that bugs me, then I am not enjoying the writing process and may as well stop.

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  17. I have been writing a blog that is eclectic for over a year. I read a number of other blogs that take the same approach. It is definitely possible to write about a range of things in your own style. Best wishes with your blog!

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  18. I am new too but I just blog what I find interesting and read a lot of the other blogs. They make me think and see what people are engaging with. If people follow me fine, if not that is ok too. Good luck with your blog. Just do what you feel.

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  19. it’s the mix of all would be good and you can have one or two focus – it can be about you on your life as an expat or your kids being expat and home schooled – how you can blend them in your post can be interesting.

    I agree with you that being newbie we tend to gravitate to each other as a support group and I think it’s wonderful, at least you don’t feel lost or alone until you’re ready to be on your own. The challenge with blogging based on my several attempt is consistency with my genre and the tenacity to be online for as long as I want — maybe that is because I never had the kind of support I am having now, never really cared about traffic or headers or widgets etc. so knowing those now early in our blogging will help set the pace and eventually keep us more focused on our writing.

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  20. I like the “mix” that I’m getting from you, honestly. But I am asking the same questions for my primary site. A homeschool mantra that I quote to myself from time to time is, “It’s my school.” That applies here, I think.

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  21. You wake up in the morning, start your day, and what are you thinking about? It could be the topic of your blog for that day. Write about what you are feeling, write about travel, write about horses, write about anything you like. Don’t worry about how many people are reading it. Keep on adding other bloggers to your list. Have fun. Enjoy!

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  22. Hi A Momma’s View, I’m a newborn blogger too πŸ™‚ Your words and perspective are so honest and I’m really enjoying reading about your views.
    I had the same thoughts as well and a friend of mine said this to me: “like a baby learning to talk, at the start, the words don’t matter..just enjoy the sounds and let that be music until the words form”. Blogging..like motherhood takes a bit of time to find your rhythm and trust that you’ll find your own rhythm. Enjoy the process x

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  23. When I blog, I blog what is in my mind at the time. It is all over the place. And that is why I invented categories in my side bar lol
    What you need to remember is that this is your blog and you need to write what is on your heart right now. People will find something within your words that resonates with them and if they don’t then that is okay too. Your followers will be people who see themselves in your words.
    Just be true to yourself.


  24. I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the comments received here so far. Like yourself, I’m not comfortable being nailed down, and when I started my Blog, almost everyone I spoke to said almost exactly what I didn’t want to hear. They all suggested that if I wanted to build a large list of followers, I would have to pick a topic, and stick with it. I was told again and again that if I switched topics from day-to-day, no one would follow my Blog, and maybe, at least partially, they might have been correct. My numbers aren’t huge after 2 1/2 months, but, and I think this is the important thing, I’m really happy with it, and I’m having a lot of fun, and meeting some great people. So, if its the numbers a person is after, then maybe a solid topic is of major importance, but if it’s the person’s enjoyment they’re concerned with, or perhaps ease, or simplicity of writing, then I think the important thing is to structure the Blog in whatever fashion brings the writer the greatest amount of enjoyment and happiness, because I really believe that a Blog that is a joy to write (as opposed to work) will also be a joy to read. IMHO.

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