A Clean House

A clean house! How much would I like to just wake up to a clean house! I don’t really like mess and I don’t like when it is not clean. Having said that: I don’t really like cleaning that much either. As we all know, if you want to do it right, it is not just Ready, Set, Done!

So that is a dilemma, right? And I have another dilemma. Because every single time I clean my house it does not last! And that is totally normal, I know. But it does not even last for half a day!

I tend to always clean on the wrong days… And that can be any given day! It ends up being the wrong day! My family is not messy, don’t get me wrong. Still, the kids are sort of little and they are home all day because of the homeschooling. So while they are not doing school they play, or they do crafts. And that creates a creative little “mess” in itself. And of course I don’t want to tell them not to make a mess, while they are being creative.

If it is not our day to day routine, it is something else (of course…). Sometimes we decide on the day I cleaned the entire house to have some of the kids over for a play… Which means, that everything that was finally tidy, will be a mess in no time again (I call those play dates “hurricane season”…). Of course I love the fact that they have fun… but I just cleaned! It is as if you write a text and someone constantly hits ‘delete’, you know!

Or one of our dogs gets sick probably about 10min after I moped the floor and put everything away… or one of the dogs has an accident sometime after I’ve cleaned everything. And then there are those days when it is raining and our daughter has soccer training (or a game) and forgets to take her shoes off when entering the house… You get the picture…

And I am not going to start talking about the windows! I hate cleaning windows! And we have so many of them! I hate it, as they seem never ever to be clean. There will always be that little spot or streak, depending on the angle or light… Right? And when I am finally done cleaning them, one of the dogs tries to catch a fly and slobbers all over the window… or the kids decide to funny stuff with their faces ON THE FRESHLY CLEANED WINDOWS!!! Little fingers, noses, and whatever all over them AGAIN! This time of the year it’s actually the worst, as the evening sun shines into our living room in such a beautiful way… and you can see how dirty the windows are…. and I clean them just because this evening light is so pretty… not going to repeat what will happen next…

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is, why there always, ALWAYS has to be chocolate in the house… πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “A Clean House

  1. My house is always a mess, even though my son is not there a lot of the time because I work full day. Usually, as soon as I’ve cleaned the bathroom, he gets super dirty playing outside and demands a bath. In a few seconds the bathroom then looks worse than before. πŸ˜›

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  2. I completely understand where you’re coming from! I’d much rather have a house that’s alive with loved ones though, than a clean house. If only there were a way to have both!

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