I Can English Wednesday

It is probably because my first language is not English that I find myself very often in situations, where I just use words in a way they should not be used and that creates some strange moments and some laughter.

I thought, why not making a reoccurring event out of my stories and hopefully you will join in on them. I know some of yours first language is another than English and I also believe (or hope) that it does also happen to English speaking people…

So every Wednesday I will post a little story about a little mistake I made or one of my little family members made. If you want to join in just write a post about something you experienced and link it back to this page and also tag it with “I Can English Wednesday”

And guess what: If you have a story to tell about another language, just feel free to share it too. In the end it is the same issue, right πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for you participation πŸ˜‰

And here is my story for today:

When we moved from Switzerland to Australia many summers ago, we were able to stay with friends of ours, who moved the year prior from the US. She had found a nice little apartment for us and we were able to stay with them until we were able to move into our apartment.

So on the day we finally got the key, we had already all the IKEA stuff ready to assemble and she was happy to help out. While my husband was in one of the bedrooms assembling a shelf, me and my friend worked on another IKEA shelf in the living room. I was struggling with my little screw driver and so my friend handed me the one she was using when she was done with her part. And it was so much easier with this screw driver. My announcement:

“Oh my god, I could screw all day like this!”…

And for a short moment, both, my husband and my friend could actually hold it together… before bursting into laughter together…

Happy I Can English Wednesday πŸ™‚

33 thoughts on “I Can English Wednesday

      • Sure, there are a number of funny things mother has done I was going to put in a post. I will include that. I’ll have to figure out how to do a link to your page.

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      • If you edit or weite a post there is a button in the frame where you can choose between bold, italic, Strikerhrough, bullet list, numbered list and so on and its called ‘insert /edit link. If you go to my blog and on the page you want to link it to (I can english) copy the link of it and the go to your post, highlight a word or the name of I Can English Wdnesday and click the insert/edit link button (it’s the 11th from the left). It opens a window in which you can past the link you copied before. Just make sure you have the http:// in it (and not double). And that should work. Sorry for the complicated explanation! I hope I could help you!?


  1. Hilarious! Yes, these things also happen to those whose native tongue is English.
    I’ll look for the next time it happens so I can share in the fun.
    If you’re going to start an “Ich Kann Deutsch Mittwoch” here’s a bisschen: I was in an elevator in the KDW in Berlin. I asked out loud if anyone in the elevator knew which floor had shirts. One man said “Goose!”
    I couldn’t hide my confusion. He pointed down and said “Goose!” In German again, this time more emphatically.
    Then, he pushed the elevator button for the basement.
    Someone pointed out later that “gans” means goose and he said “ganz” meaning all the way down.
    I did find a nice shirt. No feathers or down in it!

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  3. As a former English teacher I saw plenty of language mess-ups (from native speakers) and now as an expat living in Brunei I see some equally funny mistakes. One of my favourites is a menu advertising ‘crappuccino’. I look forward to hearing more of your stories.


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