My Picks Of The Week #44

Really tried to mix it a bit up this week and venture out a little bit. Not sure if I managed but here are my picks of the last week. If you want to check out the previous ones, you can find them here.

What you can learn from a lion? Apparently heaps! Read Unravel Passion’s post and you will find out how much we could have in common.

Oh Facebook and its issues…Galesmind touches the subject in a very humorous way. Speaking about social networks: Big issue and I agree, something has to be done. But it should be a world wide law, as it is what we are dealing with. Cyber bullying is not only happening locally. It is world wide. So there should be something that applies everywhere…

There is so much we fear. But there is one little thing that still does not get the attention actually needed: a tiny little tick!

Can we really learn everything from books? Or is experience what actually teaches us? I agree with Pieces of String: Experience can be a much better teacher.

How much do we actually now about our friends? How much do we share? Sometimes they struggle and won’t tell us for a while. And we will still be there for them, as MomLife Now describes. Do people really ask stupid questions like this??? You know what? Doesn’t matter as long as you have answers like The Mommy Date! Love!

If only we could keep on loving unconditionally… I truly admire people who make themselves available and foster. I am aware that there are many bad stories out there but the people I’ve met are all wonderful foster parents who would give everything to make the life of the kids coming through better. Pensitivity101 wrote a great post about it here.

7 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #44

  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    Thank you so much!! Pick of the week? I consider it an honor. I do hope they do something about cyber bullying. It really is not as acceptable as it once was. If we all band together and don’t put up with it that is a big start. Hope everyone speaks out!!


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