Vote For Your Top Nature Chills Challenge Post

EDITED: And here are my Top Seven of the Nature Chills Challenge. Now it is up to you to vote for your Top 3 in the poll below:

Cognitive Reflection
All about the rain and the sound it makes when hitting the ground and the approaching thunder storm. Beautiful description of something I love so much in nature 🙂

Liebesraum (in German)
She took me to her favorite place in the forest. A place where she can chill and find back to herself. A secret place.

How beautiful to create your own little piece of nature. A beautiful idea and I can see how this little private piece of nature can make you feel so much better!

Inspiring Max
He took me skiing with him, hitting the slopes and enjoying every little turn.

Poems from her Life
Beautiful poem and beautiful picture

The feel of rain on your skin, the sound of it. It’s all about rain in this beautiful post.

The Starting End
Describes in her poem the young morning air

42 thoughts on “Vote For Your Top Nature Chills Challenge Post

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      • Hmm…we’re neglecting the reason why I *used* to take it. It was never my favorite. I did like my instructor, though. Two of my associates are now taking the class together. One is a red belt II and the other is a white belt, no stripe. The latter just began lessons. The former has been taking them for what must be six or seven years now.

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      • How long has he been at it?
        My brother has competed before, but I try to stay out of it. Tae Kwon Do is his thing, not mine, and I’d only trigger an argument. To be honest, the idea of him competing scares the hell out of me…I have an irrational fear of him starting to *like* hurting people, of thinking of self-defense as *fun.* In my view, it’s a serious business. Or maybe I’m just all too serious overall! As a friend of mine once said, I take everything too seriously and overreact to everything…

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      • That is actually very well said… Well, the club the kids train push the fact that it is only for self defense. I saw them kick people out because they were informed that Tae Kwon Do was used to start a fight, rather than self defense. The kids have a great attitude. All of them, from the very little ones to the early to mid 20’s. And they are only allowed to start fighting, when they reach the age of 9. Before they have sort of sparing competitions, but without being allowed to really touch the other one. So basically a lot of kicking the air. My son started when he was 5, and my daughter when she was just about 3. She is the youngest black belt in the history (50years) of the club. Kind of makes me proud of her commitment, you know? I am very hesitant, as my son is not allowed to fight with head kicks in his age category over here for another year or two, where as for the competition he is doing, he will have to… And that worries me…

        Have you ever thought about using this “take everything too seriously and overreact to everything” as a starting point for a post?


      • Wow…that’s impressive. My brother’s school stresses the same thing, but the fear is still there, you know? I want to trust him…heck, he’s my brother…but it really depends on what the school teaches…and our mother doesn’t see anything wrong with it. I’m not even sure *what* to think there. On one hand, I trust my mother to do everything she can to protect my brother, both physically and emotionally, and that outweighs the fact that she approves of Tae Kwon Do (and just makes me respect her decisions)…but on the other hand, what if she’s wrong? She can try her best, but she’s not infallible…
        Nooo…got any ideas? Anything you’re thinking of in particular?

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      • I was just thinking how much it actually applies to everything in life… little things to big things like your worries, which are totally normal and understandable. I am pretty sure if you sit down and really think about it, you will come up with heaps of examples. I just thought, if this would be a quote, it would be one of them I would write something about it…

        What I realized with my kids is, that ever since they do Tae kwon Do, they are much more confident. They sort or have a way to defend themselves and they know. And in just only knowing that, they appear less like a victim. So that already helps, you know. I totally know where you are coming from. And trust me, when my hubby said that he would start with Krav Maga, I almost lost it… I guess it is what you made out of it. And so far I’ve never seen anybody get hurt at a competition. Well besides twisted ankles, but that you get on a playground as well… So fingers crossed!!!


      • Yeah…I see where you are coming from. My brother is very sensitive and I have always worried about him getting picked on in school like I was. (There were days when I wished I was gone from this world, back in middle school…) For the longest time, there was still that echo of the past. For some reason, our grandma never worried. And grandmas know all! So I’ve never contradicted her. I suppose Tae Kwon Do provides self-defense in more ways than just one.
        Is it just me or does my tone sound depressingly serious…?

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      • I hate it when I lapse into reflection. You know, I really wish I was at the dentist’s right now. My sense of humor is at its peak when I’m at the dentist’s, for some reason!

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      • Well, I won’t presume to know how your story flows together. Maybe it isn’t best told from the very beginning! It’s really your decision. I can’t wait to read what you come up with, in any case. (Be sure to press Publish next time! Don’t be shy about it showing up on my homepage! 😉 )

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      • Ack, I must be losing my concentration. I totally pressed the reply button on the wrong comment for my earlier reply.

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      • I always love it when I can claim that I commincate from the future… Although of course it doesn’t really make sense. Might get late… But I will try to do my best!


  2. I’m just gonna start a new thread. Too confusing to scroll up to the last reply button! Anyway, you may only have two pictures, that’s all the more reason for me to post and join the horses discussion. I’ve got plenty and I can take plenty.

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