Who Really Cares?

The big race is over. Heaps of people had fun and a German horse won the Cup.

Lots of people will try to find their way home, totally wasted. The athlete horses are hopefully well looked after and the jockeys will probably celebrate in style.

But… Today two horses paid the price. Today, the “race that stops a nation” claimed the life of two or its athletes. As the crowd cheered and went nuts, made bets, drank, partied on and eventually left Flemington, the favorite collapsed and died in his stall. Heart attack? Internal bleeding? Who knows and probably who will actually care a couple of days from now. Later today another horse was euthanized after crashing through a gate and shattering a bone.

It is part of “the game”, part of the entertainment. The game “must” and will go on…

10 thoughts on “Who Really Cares?

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