A Suitcase Full Of Happiness

Do you watch “The Amazing Race”?

I love watching it would totally enjoy taking part in this crazy race around the Globe. All those amazing places they visit and the fun (even though it is hard sometimes) stuff they get to do! Kind of a bucket list thing for me, and so I hope for a family race in the future, where we can sign up to.

How much fun would that be? Traveling the world, seeing amazing places and doing amazing stuff! And all for a bag full of money…Of course you want the $1mio, but you know what? Look at what those people get to see and do! It is rewarding enough.

Well until we might get a chance, there is only one thing to do: Practice! And how much I enjoy this kind of practice :-)! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.

I need this change of surroundings, a different city and a different part of the country or a different country itself. It helps me break out of my routine, feel new vibes, get new inspiration and you know what: It helps me relax and get grounded again. You break out of your routine, you adjust to a different pace and to different cultures.

And you know what? I do stuff while traveling, which I never do at home! No surprise? Well, yes, in a way it is, as they are totally normal things, like reading books! I hardly ever read a book at home. Why? I have no clue! Maybe because I am just stuck in my routine… But when I travel, I read. I read a lot. And I love it! Time kind of slows down for me. It feels like the day has more hours, the week has more days. Well, at least until the day you have to leave again and you ask yourself what happened to all those days…

As much as I love being home, I suddenly get to the point where I feel like I have ants in my pants. Thankfully my husband feels the same. Both of us traveled a lot (in our time off but for business as well) when we were younger. And there is no way you can get the travel bug out of your system. It is like the flu. You are fine for a while but then it hits you and it hits you hard. Your body is aching for this change. The mind is not where it is supposed to be. You want to get out! You want to go somewhere!

While I am writing this I can feel the itching, the pulling. I want to go again, I want to travel again. I need to get out again! And we will soon. I can’t wait! And I don’t mind the hustle of the packing and organizing everything at home, the check in, the security, the craziness at the gate and the boarding.

These things can be a bit tricky, if you travel with kids, especially if the connecting flight only leaves very late and everyone is already totally exhausted. Like last time we travelled back to Europe and our connecting flight left Singapore only at midnight. By the time we reached the gate and sat down, the kids fell asleep. Luckily the ground staff let us board before everyone else, together with the elderly and a person in a wheelchair and so we were able to carry the kids to their seats. And they even allowed us to let them lie down and stay like that for take off. It just made such a difference.

I am not going to try to make things look easy. They are not for the most part. But I still enjoy it. All I can see while going through the hustle is the arrival. And thinking of it, I can already feel my body relax, I can feel myself breathing deeper. I can feel myself letting go. So everything appears less stressful.

And I know it will be the same for my family. We will have a great time. You always experience something new while “on the road”. Something slightly different. Like feeding Dugongs in a Zoo, while everyone else rushed to queue for the elephant ride. It was just us and we could feed them for as long as we wanted to. It was great. As if it was organized just for us.

DugongOr swimming with a stingray with nobody else around, after we passed by a spot with heaps of tourist boats and people in the water trying to get close to the stingrays. We decided not to stop, as we did not like the masses there. Initially we wanted to go back later but when we stopped close to a magnificent beach and spotted the stingray gliding through the crystal clear water, we never did. Instead we enjoyed this one animal and our time with it. How peaceful! Such an elegant animal and they look like they are flying… It was truly an amazing moment. There were just my son, the stingray and myself in the water.

StingrayOr during another trip, the pot of dolphins, which suddenly showed up very close to the beach my kids and I were walking along. And they stayed for over an hour, playing, jumping, spinning and just hanging out. Another memory that comes to my mind is this whale suddenly breaches not far away the beach I was on. This massive creature, looking so effortless lifting itself out of the water…

DolphinsLittle moments like that can just take my breath away, you know. And such experiences will recharge my batteries for a long time. They will keep me… they will keep all of us going until I can travel again.

Discovering new things, new places and meeting new people, is, what makes traveling so special. New friendships might develop and we will hopefully return the way we always do: With a suitcase full of happiness

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