Stories Told By Water

Water is the essence of life and for me something, I love to be around. Water makes about 50 – 60% of a human body and covers a bit over 70% of the Earth’s surface. But I guess you already knew that.

I don’t want to bore you with facts here. For me there is so much more to water than what meets the eye.

I think It tells a story. If you listen closely it will tell you the story of its journey.

waterNext time, when you sit on a beach and watch the waves as they roll in, listen to their sound as they breach on the beach or rocks. Next time you walk along a river listen to the story its water has to tell. The river that runs by, with its currents, torrents, streams and little pools, the waves, the foam that build on top of them. Next time you go fishing at a lake, listen to the story the water wants you to know. The lake sitting there nice and peacefully. The little pond or the little creek. The ripple, the splashing, the bubbling, burbling, pattering.

It tells you a story. Imagine the sheer incredible journey a little raindrop makes… This little raindrop falling from the sky, making its way through soil or across mountains or rocks to a little puddle, into a little stream, maybe into a creek, maybe in a waterfall to end up in a river.

Now in this river it will be traveling through different valleys, pass different towns or cities. Encountering numerous animals and humans on its way, to maybe have a little break of the journey in a lake. Then on it goes, again passing numerous towns, cities, floating under bridges, boats on the surface, providing people and animals with fluids, through different countries until it finally reaches the ocean.

There our little raindrop will mingle with its kind and the inhabitants of this magic place until one day it evaporates and makes its way back to the sky. Only to form a cloud and eventually fall back down to earth as a raindrop again. And it all starts over. Maybe in a slightly different way… A new adventure…

How could water not tell a story? Imagine you would be that little raindrop and go on a journey like this… Imagine what you would encounter, what you would see, maybe hear.

And next time you sit by a source of water, somewhere out there in nature: Imagine what story you would tell someone if you would be that little raindrop.  This little raindrop, that just stopped in front of you to take a little break and hang out with someone, who will never actually be able to grasp what it is like to be a little raindrop…

This post was inspired by Lucile‘s post about water.

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