Love! Unconditional love! What a beautiful feeling.

Unfortunately unconditional love gets lost somewhere between being a child and and adult, don’t you think so?

Looking at my kids, watching them, I very often think, how beautiful it would be to think like a child again. Without knowing, what we know. Without having the mental scars we got on the way to where we are. Just being back in their shoes and seeing the world with their eyes again. With this beautiful open heart, happy to give, and eager to receive.

But already now, by only thinking about it, I fear. I fear, that they might get hurt, with their heart so wide open, with their mind so open. With only seeing the good in everyone.

Build a little wall around your heart, so you nobody can really hurt it. Make sure you only let someone close, who deserves it, who will hopefully not hurt you. We create a condition. We start assessing people and deciding if we want to let them in or not. Maybe we shut the wrong ones out in the process. Maybe we rob ourselves of so many beautiful moments, from having the time of our life.

The fear of getting hurt is blocking us from going out there, from loving unconditionally, fully!

It is what our kids do! They love unconditionally, without fear of getting hurt (because they have not been there yet). I love my kids and my husband unconditionally and it is the best feeling ever.

I want to open my heart up, tear down this wall to be able to love unconditionally again. I might get hurt in the process but I might as well experience even more amazing moments in my future.


Inspired by Jisbell22’s post about love and by “Inspiring Monday”:

7 thoughts on “Love

  1. Was für ein wunderbarer Beitrag! Ich stimme dir zu. Kinder nehmen ihr Leben viel einfacher, als wir Erwachsene es tun. Sie kümmern sich nicht um die Liebe, Kinder leben Liebe einfach, wie sie kommt. Sie kümmern sich nicht, was ein Mensch ist, was er getan oder nicht getan hat. Kinder nehmen den anderen, wie er/sie ist, ohne Wertung. Erst, wenn Kinder die Muster der Erwachsenen übernommen haben, dann beginnen auch sie zu beurteilen.

    Herzliche Grüße,


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