11 thoughts on “Moon – Did You Know…

  1. Very true. However, “at least ten million years” does not suggest forever, only a very long time. Either the footprints will remain there forever, or there is another factor that will wipe them away eventually. The answer is that there is another factor, one that should be very obvious because it makes the moon the way it is. We see evidence of this other factor whenever we look up at the moon. The evidence is craters…and the factor is bombardment. If the natural surface of the moon can be marred, then certainly the faint traces of the moon missions can be as well. In ten to a hundred million years, NASA officials expect that every last trace of the moon missions will be mixed with the soil or knocked off to space.

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  4. It certainly is something to consider. One of those things to think about on a summer evening down at the beach when I’m checking out the night-time sky and thinking about just how small we really are.

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