You Are Not Only Serving Your Country

soldierRecently I walked across a huge group of soldiers who just arrived. And interesting enough the same night, while eating out we were sitting across a soldier and his family.

We got into a conversation and the family told us how often they already moved around. They’ve more or less only just moved from living 3 years in Germany.

And I felt this huge feeling of being grateful. Grateful for all those people, men and women, who spend their life protecting not only their country but everyone else’s as well.

And I told him. I told him how grateful I am for people like him to go out there and risk everything to protect us. I told his wife that I felt grateful for her to support him.

There are not enough words to describe my respect towards all those warriors out there, ready to risk their life, trying to make this world a better place. And people who have to deal with so much criticism for going out there and protecting us…

Thank you for doing it, thank you for going out there and protect us. Thank you for serving! You are not only serving your country, you are serving the entire western world.

4 thoughts on “You Are Not Only Serving Your Country

  1. Thank-you for this post, and let me add my thanks to all the servicemen/women out there who go out every day and risk their lives to help keep the citizens of the Western world safe from any number of threats, both foreign and domestic. As we in Canada here have just so dramatically discovered in the last couple of weeks, these brave individuals are not even safe when they are not on active duty, but simply walking the streets of our cities doing a little shopping, or whatever in their much-deserved down-time. I hope all of these heroes know that they hold a very special place in the hearts of many people who may not be able to always express these things, but certainly do feel them. So on this day that is dedicated to all of you who have fought for, and sacrificed yourselves for, the people of these countries that you call home, please know that I just can’t even think of enough words to describe all the gratitude I feel for what you do, and I want to thank “A Momma’s View” for giving me a place to even try. So thanks again, to everyone concerned, and please, try and stay safe.

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