Typing Away – NaNoWriMo

I am typing away and trying hard to keep my blog up at the same time. I definitely don’t spend as much time writing posts as prior to November and (and this is what honestly bothers me more) I don’t spend as much time reading your posts and commenting. I try hard to keep up, but I just don’t manage.

NaNoWriMo… one day you will come to an end! And I promise, you will see me more often again on your blog as well!

Finally I found a title for what will hopefully soon be a 50’000 word draft for a novel. Ready to be uploaded entirely. My head is spinning as the ideas keep coming… and unfortunately going as well. And I doubt myself. I doubt that it will be interesting enough. Question myself if it will be too clumsy.

By now I am way into the second half of the 50’000 words but there is no rap up in my head. And personally I don’t like open ends. So I guess there is still a lot of brainstorming ahead of me ;-).

Figured I give you another little bit to read. It is taken out of the first part of the story. Not far in, but far enough. Let me know what you think. So here we go:

It happened about three months after the loss of her baby and Liza had decided to surprise Tim at his place and try to get back to normal. Little did she know that she would not only find him but also another woman. They were in the middle of it, the blond riding him like a Mustang and he was obviously very pleased with it. They were sweaty and the room smelled like sex. They did not realize that she was in the room. Liza watched them for a moment. She knew, that this was not a one-time thing. She walked out of the bedroom back into his freshly painted living room and lost it. She took her lipstick out of her purse and started writing on the walls. She felt like being in a trance. And when she was done she could read a clear message all over his living room wall: “FUCK OFF!”

But Liza wasn’t done yet. She walked over to the kitchen, got a knife and started cutting open his divine leather sofa and at the end had a go on his treasured Championships Basketball signed by Michael Jordan, which he got at one of these stupid VIP auctions he loved to attend. Then she went to where Tim kept his golf set and grabbed a driver. First she had a good go on his 100’’ Flatscreen TV before smashed the ugly Ming vase which she always hatted. By now Tim probably knew she was here, as the noises coming form the bedroom had finally stopped. She walked back to the bedroom, the driver still in her hand.

 “I left you a message.”

 She could see their puzzled faces just before she turned around and walked out. Liza could hear Tim swear. But she was still not done. On her way she grabbed the keys to her apartment. Tim always had them at the same place on a little table in the hall, right before the door to the garage. She put her keys into her purse and walked out through the garage, the keys to Tim’s place still in her hands. The screeching noise they made when she let them run over the side of his Ferrari sounded like music to her ears. With more power than she would have ever dreamed of, Liza stuck the key into the $ 2000 front tire of the driver side. Done!

 When she walked out the door she felt good. She actually felt great. She could somehow see herself walk out in slow motion. Finally she had no more excuses for him, no more reasons to keep the relationship running. Or better: Finally life presented her with a reason strong enough to even convince her, that she needed to end it. Liza went straight back to her apartment. There was one more thing she needed to do. There were not many of Tim’s things at hers, but still enough to get rid of, mainly a couple of very expensive suits, shirts and ties. Liza took them all and threw them into the oversized bin of the downstairs restaurant. She knew that soon some of the homeless people would find them and would get some use out of them. Now she was really done! Sucker! …

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