Should She Turn Back – NaNoWriMo

I am a bit stuck… I am not sure if she should turn back and stay. Or if he should go after her, either right away or later. Get her back… Or if there should be a bit of time in between and then they get back together. All I know is that I want the two of them together at the end… But how to get there… Let me know what you think, please:

“This time it was Liza who kissed him. She kissed him and the kiss brought her back to the same magical place. She never wanted to leave anymore. Never…

That night she packed her stuff. She couldn’t stay. She didn’t wanted to. She risked it all because of a kiss. How could she be so stupid! She was confused, wanted to stay but needed to leave. The kiss felt so good, being close to Jake was the best feeling she ever felt. But what if it did not work out? Over the last couple of weeks she put down new roots here and now she blew it all.

She felt like belonging here, belonging to him. But what if she wasn’t right, what if IT wasn’t right?

She just couldn’t stay. Liza had found her place but in a foolish move had risked it all. He might be the right guy but maybe he just wasn’t. And she didn’t want to stay to find out. No more fresh wounds. She had lost too much in the past and there was just no space for another loss.

Tears ran down her face while she manically cleaned the place and loaded everything in her car. What she was doing now was far from what she would usually do. She was not a runner. It was just not her style. But she saw no other option. Everyone got too close to her. And how would she be able to explain something she was not even able to grasp.

Liza had no clue what to do next. All she wanted was getting out of here and get back to the city. Back to her place and then decide what to do and where to go next.

Nobody needed her really out here. ‘Flash’ would be fine without her. Kelly was fine without her. Britt would have to figure things out on her own. And Jake… Well Jake would manage.

Liza just finished loading the last bits and pieces in her car, when Jake stepped outside. The wind had picked up and it started to rain again.

“What are you doing?” Jake didn’t understand what was going on.

“Jake… I… I just can’t… I… I need to… I just can’t… I… I am sorry!”

Jake wanted to say something but he decided not to. All he could see was the tear running down her face and the slight panic in her eyes. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. He realized that she had packed everything and of course that she was about to leave.

“Please don’t go! Please, just stay!”

“I can’t… I just can’t stay!”

“Why not! Please don’t run! You belong here, you… you… you belong to me!”

It was all Liza wanted to hear but at the same time what she didn’t need to hear right now. She had no answer to his question. And how right he was. She belonged here and she belonged to him. But something inside her wanted to run, run fast and not turn back anymore. She felt bitter sweet, sad and confused, angry and tired. Why could she just listen to her heart, switch off her brain, just stay and take the risk. Maybe it was all worth it. But she couldn’t. There was nobody left in this world, nobody but her. Britt was her best friend but she had to figure things out for herself. Liza looked into Jakes eyes and while turning around whispered a quick “goodbye”, before getting into her car and driving off, leaving him standing in the rain”

33 thoughts on “Should She Turn Back – NaNoWriMo

  1. Why is she leaving? I know she is divided… but why NOT stay? Is there an obstacle? An ex? A trauma? Also, what is the time lapse between the kiss and her packing the car? It sounds as if she is decided on staying, then for some reason packs the car. But then, I am missing the rest of the story. What is the source of her conflict?

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      • Ah. So the relationship is pretty new? What cause does he have to believe she is “his”?

        Sorry for the million questions… but I find mentally grilling the characters for motive is really, really helpful… My gut tells me she should start to leave and then return at some point, never having “left” emotionally… but that depends on the depth of the relationship, of course. If she’s left, he probably would not follow unless there was justification for her leaving. No dude wants to look that desperate, even if he feels like it inside. Men tend to bluff through these things with anger… is this helpful?

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      • No no! Not that he thinks she is his. He is sure that they belong together. And what you said is actually what I want too… I just need some feedback, you know. On my last 1000 words of the 50’000.

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      • Well done on so much progress this early in the month!! 🙂 🙂 I say she should go (builds tension) … then realize what she’s leaving, and return of her own accord. But when she returns, she should not be entirely sure of acceptance… make her work for it. Of course, he will have her back, but another hurdle, even an internal one, wouldn’t hurt. Just a suggestion…

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      • I will have to work on the middle bit over the next couple of days. I like the start, some parts in between and this part here. We will see how the end result will turn out 😉

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  2. I haven’t followed enough to comment on the plot or development, but I also wish to offer congrats. on a great deal of progress considering the time remaining in the month. Kudos.

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  3. Listen to Mother Hen, she has some good analytical ideas. But just a thought, coming from an author of almost thirty novels…if you really are undecided, just choose a path, and take it from there. Let her actions decide her personality, not the other way around. Decide on an action and let your story take you for a ride! That’s what I do.

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