Winner-2014-Square-ButtonAnd I am officially done… Just handed in my text for validation. Wow, it was an amazing feeling to be able to do it. And do it by today.

I am happy, well at least with most of it. And it was truly a great feeling to see how it came together, how suddenly the story shaped itself. How parts, I had no clue of how to tackle them a couple of weeks ago just suddenly got shaped.

I am really happy now. And thank you all who commented on the last posts and helped me out: Perse, Mother Hen Diaries, Vancouver Visions, Life Anime and Kpop, Nutsrok, Thoughtfull Minds United, Irenedesign2011, Lucile De Godoy, From the Seasonally Occupied Territories, Mellow and the Wildling, Vicky And Her Dogs, Athursdayschild, Galesmind, Thoughts by Mello-Elo, Secretsofatrailingspouse, Lebensspurfragmente,  I really appreciate all your comments!

17 thoughts on “Done!

    • I am not sure how you do it with the NaNoWriMo. Do I just wait nowand seewhat happens? Ireally don’t know… Figures depending on what happens with it I will put it onthe blog in December. Or just let you know where to find it 😜

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      • You better let me know! You know how many books I have to read right now? 0! Except for yours! And from what little you’ve already posted…I love it already!

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