10 thoughts on “Amazon – Did You Know…

      • Please, please, please, let’s not think we’re insignificant! There are plenty of things we can do. Politicians and country leaders all have one thing in common: they need (and thrive on) public support! You just have to connect public support with your goals. Letters, social media, group meetings, blogging, peaceful protests, website joining, clubs, emails…I’m sure there are some activist options I’m forgetting!
        And sorry for the exclamation marks. This just happens to be one of my sore-spot topics…
        Good luck!

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      • I think you are right. It starts with buying the right products and so on. There is lots of little things we can do which then turn in big things. Recycling, buying the right things and so on.

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  1. And let’s not keep it to the Amazon. How about preventing global warming and light pollution? Plenty of topics I might want to start blogging about myself…

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