What Will Be My Legacy?

What will we leave behind? What will people remember? What do you want them to remember? What will I leave behind?

I hope my kids will one day say that I taught them to stop and listen and look around. Look up, look at the stars and appreciate what is around us and who we are. I try to teach them this one little thing.


Stop and listen. Listen to the wind. Listen to the story it tells.

Stop and watch. Watch the waves as they roll in, watch the sun raise or set. Watch the storm develop, watch the butterfly dance in the air.

Breathe in and smell the air, the different scent it has. Smell the weather, the season, the flowers, there is so much out there.

Let your head fall back and glance up, mouth wide open, tongue out and try to catch those snowflakes or drops of rain and just taste them. Enjoy good food. The sweetness of fruits.

Just feel, hear, taste, smell and experience how beautiful life is.

That is probably the most important thing of what I want my kids to remember. What I hope that they will tell their friends, spouses or kids one day.

But I also want them to remember that I taught them:

To stop and enjoy.

To stand up for themselves.

That it’s okay to say no.

That you got to life your live and not wait for it to happen.

I want them to know what it feels like to be loved.

If they look back one day and say “This is what mom and dad taught us” and “mom and dad loved us”, then I will be one happy girl πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “What Will Be My Legacy?

  1. We should all consider the legacy that we will leave behind, and this is a wonderful legacy indeed. A legacy filled with hope, wonder, life lessons and love, all of which can pass on from generation to generation.

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  2. Such a beautiful thought. It’s so easy to be consumed by the business that is our lives and we just forget to take a step back and just stop and enjoy the beauty that’s all around us. My kids and I are eagerly awaiting our first real snowfall out here. No matter what is going on in this house, we stop whatever it is we’re doing and watch the snow.

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    • I did that with my mom! I remember how you could actually smell the snow in the air already but it did not fall and then suddenly onee snowflake… Then two or three more and then it started slowly to properly snow… Enjoy!

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  3. This is something I have thought about a lot this year. I think about the legacy my mum left me, it’s amazing. I hope I do half as well as she did. I guess in a way, our children ARE our legacy to the world.

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  4. A lovely post, and if my daughter remembers any one thing I taught her I hope it will be to try out as much as you can in this world, because there is just so much to discover and that is something that we all have to do for ourselves.

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