Your Stories – How I Met My Mr Right! By LaChelle Betcher

Finally there is another beautiful story about finding the love of your life. Thank you so much, LaChelle, for sharing your story!

“I had arrived at my very first, true command in the Navy. The U.S.S. Emory S. Land stationed in La Maddalena, Italy. I was so nervous because I had flown into a foreign country all by myself and this was the first time I had gone so far away from home (I lived in California at the time). I didn’t know the language and it was all just so overwhelming.

By time I got to my ship it was late in the evening. Someone directed me where to go to report for duty and (long story short) I eventually found where I was supposed to be. When I reported into the people on duty they were less than pleased to see me. I was feeling very insecure to say the least. One of them showed me to berthing (where I would be sleeping) and I managed to get some rest. The next day was a busy day of introductions and check ins. After lunch I needed to go to my bed to grab something and when I found my way back to the berthing entrances I was unable to decipher which door led to the female berthing and which led to male berthing. They were directly across from each other and looked exactly the same from any direction you came from. So I stood there. Waiting. Hoping a someone, anyone would go in or come out of either berthing so I could figure out which was which.

I was standing there for at least 10 minutes when one of the chefs suddenly appeared in the hallway. My face instantly turned red.

“Hey, you must be new.”

“Yeah. Got here last night. Kinda turned around right now.” I gave a sheepishly nervous giggle.

“Want some candy?” His question caught me so off guard. Not really knowing what else to say I responded with,

“My mom taught me never to take candy from strangers.” I said this in my most playful voice. He introduced himself to me and I to him.

“There, now we know each other. So,” He opened up a backpack he had with him, “want some candy?” Inside this backpack was a stash of candy Willie Wonka himself would be envious of. It was like he was some kind of drug dealer of candy!

“No, thank you though, I’ve really got to get going…” He zipped up his bag and said,

“Maybe next time. By the way, you’re standing in front of female berthing.” With that he walked away.

Over the course of my time on the boat, during whatever meals I happened to eat at the ship’s galley, every once in a while a random piece of candy would find it’s way on my tray. Sometimes I would see him leaving it, other times it was like a ninja attacked because no one saw a thing.

It would take another year and a half before we would start dating and, honestly, if you had said to me after meeting him that I would eventually marry him I would have laughed till I was blue in the face. He was deep in the friend zone, but he was persistent, kind, and loyal to the core. On two very important occasions in my life he was nearly the only friendly face I saw. The man has his faults, but I wouldn’t trade him in for all the chocolate in the world. I love my Mr. Right.”

7 thoughts on “Your Stories – How I Met My Mr Right! By LaChelle Betcher

  1. Reblogged this on Eclectic Elcie and commented:
    This is my story of how I first met my husband. It wasn’t “love at first sight” in fact, there was really nothing romantic about it at the time, but it is one of my favorite stories to share because it is unique and one of my most cherished moments.


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