Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Goodbye is never easily said. That is of course if you are not saying it to a customer of any kind.


It is hard to leave. Hard to leave a place you love so much, you feel home at. It hurts. It hurts to say goodbye to people you love, you grew so close to.

Sometimes I wonder if you get used to it. If you get used to leaving a place, moving, saying goodbye to the people who are close to you. I doubt it…

I feel, that in a way you always leave a tiny part of yourself behind. Back with the place you loved so much and back with the people you cared about.

But then you also take a little bit with you. That little piece of that place and that little bit of those people. In your heart, treasured forever.

So next time, when I have to say goodbye, I will try to remember, that deep in my heart the place and the people will leave with me and that I will always have a little place in their heart and in their world.

And it will not be a goodbye anymore. It will be a ‘until I see you again’.

15 thoughts on “Goodbyes Are Never Easy

  1. You have an excellent way of looking at change if you ask me. Even though we feel uncomfortable about leaving the fact we’ve left some part of us behind means we made a difference by being there in the first place. 🙂

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  2. You worded it so well! Saying goodbye is so hard. I wish I’d never had to say goodbye, either to the places I’ve left or the people. Both stay in your heart, even when you are settled in your new home with new friends. But

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