My Picks Of The Week – #48

Approaching the end of this year fast. Another week has past. So here are my favorite posts of the last couple of days:

Of Opinion
A great idea to “recycle” old posts. Loved to read and especially enjoyed the mid twenty post.

I guess you can’t get around posts about inequality at the moment. And there are many interesting ones out there. This one I liked particularly because of its comparison.

Writing Out Depression
Another great and powerful post about the latest issues.

My Road To Motherhood:
Beautiful words.

Great post about cyber bullying.

The Domestic Man:
A great idea and a yummy recipe.

Snaps & Scribbles:
A post I could relate to, given that we moved to another country. Multilingual kids just happen in a case like that. Actually a nice little “gift”…

Bare Naked In Public:
An amazing post about moving on.

8 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week – #48

  1. Wow, thank you so much for including one of my posts. I’m truly honored that you liked it enough to share on your site. I will certainly check out the others you recommended as well. It is awesome that you do these types of posts! 🙂

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