12 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. So true. After telling our newly adopted granddaughter who is 4 that the Robins are spies for Santa to check if she is being good, our son said “not that old chestnut mother”, but children need imagination in their lives as do adults to share with children.

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  2. I am so thankful my mother found time to read to me every night. Her reading to me fed my love for books. I was reading two-three grade levels above my own in grade school and I grew to prefer chapter books with no pictures because I would imagine whatever was being described so well. I continue to have a really good imagination, but I’ll admit it’s not as good as it once was. I see my daughter now has a wonderful imagination. I hope she never loses it and I will do my very best to help sustain her imagination.

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      • I came from an extremely abusive background (sibling abuse mainly) and so I used to hide for hours, and even days at a time. My imagination allowed me to stay quiet and hidden where no one could find me, and add to the three attempts on my life that had been made by the time I was 8. (A hanging, a drowning, and a 10-15 minute pursuit through a 3-story house by a foster brother (10 years older than me) with a 12-in carving knife. The imagination also helped when I was being “babysat” by suspension by my arms from the basement rafters for periods of time with threats of additional punishment for complaining or crying.

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      • Oh my God! You have been through a lot! I can imagine that you needed your imagination to keep alive! A child should never have to endure something like this. You seem to do well now? I guess it was a long way for you…


      • Yes it was. Forgive the lapse in judgement (a bad day), I don’t usually say that much to anyone but the med team that treats me. I’m very sorry if I shocked you or anything. Really, it was wrong of me to say anything. Sorry.

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