Your Stories – A Break Up And A Man In Tears! By Littlebluebirdmama

And another beautiful love story. Isn’t it wonderful to see how people find each other? Sometimes we are so close to our Mr or our Mrs Right and we just don’t know it until that very moment. Thank you so much, Littlebluebirdmama, for sharing your story!

“I lived with my two best friends at the time,  and as if being stressed out and suffering through nursing school wasn’t enough i had just went through a terrible break up. The kind where you find another girls clothing in your boyfriends room. (it was my fault for dating a “celebrity”- but i won’t get into that).

My friends (roommates) dragged me out that night to a local bar to get my mind off everything. Surprisingly they had brought along a certain someone i had never gotten along well with at work. (We were all bartenders) He was always had this “tough guy” act on and seemed to care less about everyone’s feelings. A typical “player” who just used girls for whatever he wanted and left them.

I wasn’t thrilled, but he too was going through a “break up” i guess if you can call it that. He didn’t seem upset. However after a few drinks it wasn’t so bad to talk to him, he for once seemed sincerely interested in what I was saying. I left earlier than everyone else to study (my life story).

That night after we left the bar my roommate asked him for a ride home.  I walked to the car after he dropped her off noticing he had been sitting in the drive way a few minutes. I wanted to tell him I had a good time talking to him that night and sorry for previously judging him.

To my surprise, and his, i found him crying. to most girls that would be a total turn off. But there was something so genuine about it, i could see his realness. I said sorry and started walking back inside and he told me to wait. I got in the car with him and he broke down and told me what a hard time he had been having lately after he returned home from the military and how his mother was sick.

My entire opinion of him changed in a second and i could see straight through every act he had put on before. There’s something beautiful about seeing a man like him cry. The next time I saw that, was on our wedding day and when our daughter was born. We had a instant connection since that moment, I’m just glad i was there to see it.”

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