Under The Snow

I saw it coming! I saw the white cloud approaching me fast! I tried! I tried to get out! But I couldn’t!
Why? How could that happen? How could I possibly end up here? This run was meant to be safe! I did everything right! I did not ski off-piste! I did not ski on an unsafe slope! I did not take any risks! I checked the snow report… I would never take any risks! It is just too stupid!

After all I grew up in a ski resort and nothing annoyed me more that people who took risks although the ski patrol’s report mentioned the high risk of avalanches! I could never ever understand why someone would risk his or her life just to get the thrill of skiing on a unsafe slope or go off-piste!

And now I find myself here! It was too fast, came to fast, I tried to escape, I tried to get out, but I didn’t manage. Now I am under I don’t know how much snow! It is cold and heavy and freaking scary! At least I have some air in here… At least I am still alive, still conscious and I can move a little bit. But for how long… I am bloody scared! What a nightmare! Maybe it is just that… maybe it is just a nightmare! Please let me wake up!!!

It is so dark in here! Cold and dark! And scary! Why? Why did that happen? I saw how the avalanche broke loose. I saw it coming. But there was no way to go! It was too fast, too close and there was no way out… I was hoping it would not bury me, at least not entirely…

I hope the tracker I have on me works… I hope they are looking for me… I hope they will get here soon… Before the air runs out… or before hypothermia kicks in… I am so scared! Just don’t panic. Keep breathing. Don’t panic!

Hang on, I can reach my phone! And it is still at 98%… but no reception. Shit! Doesn’t matter. At least I can get some light in here. Difficult to manage it with the gloves on. I just use my nose. Gosh, it is so damn cold!

The light helps. But I need to switch it off… I don’t want to drain the battery… Look at those faces. My kids are so beautiful. I love them so much. I don’t want to cry. Don’t give up hope! They need me! And I will see them again. Thank God they were not with me when the avalanche hit. Thank God they went home with my husband.

One last run I said! I want to do one last run. I am so glad they didn’t give in… So glad he took them home for a hot chocolate. How much I want to see them, I want to hug them. And I want a hot drink!

So glad I have all those pictures on my phone. And there it is! The picture of the three people I love the most in this world. My kids and my husband.

Don’t cry, don’t panic! Breathe!

Wow, the snow looks beautiful. Love how it sparkles because of the light of my phone. I need to switch it off again… I want to keep the battery alive. I need to look at the picture again…

It is so bloody dark! I am so glad I still have some room and the snow around me is not collapsing more. So glad I have that little bit of room around me, that means more air. But I am getting so cold! My nose is so cold…

I hope they realize that I should be back. I hope someone saw… I so hope someone saw the avalanche and realized that I got trapped.

I remember the tears in my mother’s friends eyes, when she got the call about her husband and his friend getting trapped in an avalanche. I remember that my mom and my dad actually saw the avalanche sweep down the right side of the mountain. And I remember my dad saying that he thought he saw someone entering that side. They watched from our home. And he said back then how stupid someone must be to try to ski down that side (and the uncontrolled part) of the mountain on a day like this. He knew that it was what he called an avalanche day.

He grew up and lived almost his whole life in the place I grew up. He always knew. I wonder what he would think now… I am glad he doesn’t know that I am stuck here…

I remember her tears, her fear and I remember her rushing over to the bottom station to find out more. And I remember my mom coming back from comforting her after she got informed that unfortunately they found them too late…

If only I could turn back time and go home with my family. Go home and enjoy the hot chocolate with them.

Don’t panic! Don’t cry! It will all be good!

I wonder when they will know, when they will come… Quite a bit of time has passed since it happened? It feels like an eternity! I just want to get out.

Please, God, please. Just give me this chance. One more.

I hope my kids really know how much I love them. I hope my husband really knows what he means to me. I am glad I always tell them how much I love them when I leave. But I wish I would have hugged them just one more time…

I am so cold.

I need the light on again, need to look at the picture again. I don’t want to freak out. Just look at my family again. At the picture.

I am so cold, so tired.

When I get back I will hug them, I will tell them how much I love them. And then we will do something together. Go somewhere they want to go. Where would they love to go? It doesn’t matter. They will tell me! And we will go to our favorite beach again. Soon. And snorkel. We will take the dogs to our favorite park and will take the soccer ball and the baseball stuff and play for as long as possible. And I will play Barbie with my little girl for as long as she wants me to. Maybe we can do some crafts as well. And I will hug my husband. Hug and kiss him and make love to him. Tell him how much I love him, how much he means to me. I will tell them all. They mean the world to me.

What if they don’t come? What if nobody realized? What if my family thinks that I did one or two or three more runs? What if they realize to late.

I am so cold. I can barely hold my phone! Just breathe…

It is so late already, past midnight. Please, please find me already! I think I can hear voices. They are far away… But maybe it is just my imagination. I just hope they are there really. I know how long it might take them. The effort it is to locate someone in an avalanche. If only the weather stays as nice as it was. So they can keep searching… I hope it is not too dangerous out there. I hope they can continue without risking their life! I admire those people. They come out here and try to rescue people and very often risk their own life. At least I am not here because I was stupid… I could not handle that thought. I could not bare the idea of putting someone else at risk just because I was stupid, because I decided to ski a part of the mountain which was not safe. At least…

I am tired. I want to fall asleep. But I can’t, I have to stay awake. What would my kids tell me now? What would we do at home now? I can’t feel the tears on my face anymore… It is numb and cold… I am thirsty. Eat the snow. I am hungry… At least I can eat the snow and wont dehydrate… What would Bear Grylls do… He would probably dig himself out… Pfff… as if… He would not get out of here. He would try to drink his own pee. Yuck… maybe it would keep me warmer… yuck… at least a little bit of humor is still there.

My kids… I hope they sleep. I hope they are fine. My husband… He is not sleeping. I know. I know he is trying to stay calm and he is trying to calm down my kids. I hope they are okay. I hope I will see them again.

I should turn the phone off again. The battery is down soon. I don’t want to… It is so scary dark. It’s early morning now. I need to stay awake. I just don’t know if I can manage. I am so exhausted, so cold… I can hear voices. I am sure I can hear them. I can’t stay awake anymore… I want to hug my family!

No! the snow is collapsing! But… it is getting lighter! I hear them! I see a hand! I am out! I am in the helicopter. I want to see my family! Let me see my family! Please tell them I am fine, tell them I am out, tell them I love them! And please tell them I am coming home…

“You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?”Daily Prompt

6 thoughts on “Under The Snow

  1. Wow, toll geschrieben. Ich dachte für ein paar Minuten, dass hast du wirklich erlebt. Ich war schon dabei, einen entsprechenden Kommentar zu schreiben, dann habe ich auf den Link geklickt und gesehen, dass es eine Geschichte ist. Da macht sich Erleichterung bei mir breit. Ich bin froh, dass es nur eine Geschichte ist.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser Story und herzliche Grüße,


    Liked by 1 person

    • Ach, danke! Bis jetzt bin ich glücklicherweise davor verschont geblieben. Eine absolute Horrorvorstellung für mich. Der Teil, der die Freundin meiner Mutter betrifft, ist allerdings wahr. Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar!

      Liked by 1 person

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