Guest Perspective: What Does It Really Mean To Be An Expat?

Some thoughts about being an expat I shared in a guest post on my friends Blog Perspectives On…

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

I have been fascinated with the expat lifestyle and wanted to share some of my fellow bloggers’ experiences. This is the first guest post from my good friend who blogs for A Momma’s View and now lives down under!

Hi, I am the Momma from A Momma’s View and I am an expat. For almost 10 years now we call Australia home. And sometimes I ask myself what it really means to be an expat. SwAustralia

If you want to go the easy way, you Google the word and then you find some kind of explanation. On Wikipedia it is defined as a person who temporarily or permanently lives in another country.  I guess that more or less nails it, right?

But what does it really mean? In my case it means the following:

You live your life wondering if you belong where you are really. You…

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