My Playlist For You

It is not nice to be in A World Alone. So Dear Darlin’ this is for You:

Here I am with Trembling Hands, Waiting For You. I am so Happy that You Found Me! Because You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves you! You are Strong and Beautiful and I hope you Stay with me forever!

I Am Yours under this Southern Sun. So Give Me Love under this Sky Full of Stars!

Falling Slowly? Not with you! I Melt With You! So please Stay With Me!

Everyone’s Waiting for Someone Like You and not just in Times Like This. Don’t Panic, you are Here With Me. Your Heart and my heart: 2Hearts together forever.

In this Mad World I am your Supergirl! I’m Yours and I am so Lucky!

I Wish You Were Here When You Are Gone. Because You Pick Me Up, always! You Got The Love and I feel like I am in Paradise.

I am in Heaven. Your kiss is not Just A Kiss. I will not Fall At Your Feet. But the Dog Days are definitely over.

Maybe this year we Shake Up Christmas like a Hurricane! So please Never Let Me Go because I Won’t Let You Go! Ain’t No Sunshine in our Lego House and truly No Light, No Light if you are not Here With Me!

With you I just Feel Good and I would Learn To Fly. But please, no Parachutes… You are Always On My Mind! Who Knew! No more asking if you want to Stay The Night. I am On Top Of The World. Describe it as Safe And Sound! And all I want is for you to Touch My Body. You and I, we are Bulletproof! It’s All about Our Love and the Children!

When it is Midnight and I fear the Monster under my bed, suffering from Insomnia and the Rain is falling (not November Rain), you are Savin’ Me, even in Silence, . When you are grumpy… Still… You Turn Me On. So Take Me Home, as we are a Team and we are Telling The World that in Times Like These you still have to Try.

I am not Waiting All Night for you Where The Streets Have No Name. Who Knew, that you would give me Wings? You and I, we are Working On A Dream and I will always be By Your Side. You can always Count On Me!

For the best husband ever. I love you!

Not really the Soundtrack to my life but kind of fits this Daily Prompt anyway…

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