My Picks Of The Week – #49

And here we go again. Freshly picked for you and I hope you will enjoy my weekly picks as much as I did when I was reading them:

All about will power

Longreads Blog
A pretty cool interview with Mara Wilson

Very touching post. Triggered a lot of thoughts in me… thoughts about acceptance and tolerance. Accepting your family, your kids for what they are, for who they are and for what and who they want to be….

Tales From The Motherland
A post about forgiveness…

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes
What sexting can do to us…

Lucile De Godoy
A post about artificial intelligence, the human brain and the question where we will head…

Dances With Fat
Why do people struggle so much accepting others for who they are what who or what they want to be?

Molly B And Me
I can not stretch to point about how annoyed I am about all those hashtags! Hate it! Talking about hashtags, you might like to watch this 😉

Write Or Wrong
Oh how much I loved this. And it is the same with so many more ads…

The Jacke Wilson Blog
It’s just a beautiful and deep story. Makes you think…

Dog Dharma’s Blog
In short: This is a must read…

Zen and Pi
Something we all should live after…

Me – Who am I
What do you think? Do you follow all rules or just specific ones?

Time to look after others as well. WE are important!

8 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week – #49

  1. Thank-you once again. I already read that interview with Mara Wilson, and I agree with you on that one. It was really interesting, and I was glad to see a child star that did all right for a change. So now to check out the rest of your picks and see if they match up to that one. Read you later.

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