Harmony & Peace Award

What a beautiful idea to create a blog award about harmony and peace!

Thank you so much, Fourth Generation Farm Girl for awarding me with the Harmony & Peace Award! I feel very honoured!


This award was created by the Idealistic Rebel


“I created this new award to celebrate all those who promote Harmony & Peace, and who add Love & Beauty to the world through their Blogs and through their lives. Their Positivity makes the world a better place for all of us.”

~The Rules~

1. Give this award to seven bloggers who have added Harmony and Peace, Love and Beauty and Positivity to the world you live in.

2. Let them know that you nominated them.
Acknowledge the blogger from whom you received this award

3. Display your award on your blog, because you have earned it!

4. Continue to live in Harmony and Peace

I decided to amp it up slightly and explain in short words what Harmony and Peace, Love and Beauty mean to me before listing the blogs I nominate.

I find my harmony a my peace in nature. Always. It doesn’t matter if it is a walk in a forest, on a beach. No matter if it is in the mountains or on an island. If I can’t get out, music can give me that feeling too.

The love I feel is my love for my family and the love they have for me. It is the beauty of knowing that I belong. That I have people in my life that love me for who I truly are and not expect me to be who they want me to be. It is the beauty of nature and the world we live in. Although it could be more peaceful…

Harmony, peace, love and beauty all lead back to one thing for me: the Appreciation of what we have and what is around us.

This award is definitely in the spirit of a pretty cool blog, artists4peace, a place for peace.

I nominate the following logs for the Harmony & Peace Award:

I love her photos! For me, she captures all those words (Harmony, Peace, Love and Beauty) with her camera.

Send Sunshine
Always a nice message and I love the idea of ‘sending sunshine’!

View Pacific
Sometimes it is difficult to put in words why exactly you choose to nominate a blog. Just head over and visit and you will know!

NatureSpeak Photo
Just a beautiful blog.

Head over and check them all out. They are worth a visit!

13 thoughts on “Harmony & Peace Award

  1. Congratulations beautiful, yiu deserve this ☺ many thanks for introducing these blogs new to me – have followed them all i think lol

    Liked by 2 people

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