My Picks Of The Week – #50

Some truly great post again. I hope you will head over to their blogs and enjoy what all those bloggers have to share with you. Happy reading everyone!

Nothing better than being cuddled by your kids.

Seeking The s’Sense Of Things
A very interesting post with some interesting facts about Einstein and a great message.

MomLife Now
How very true!

Laura Droege’s Blog
Strong post about appearance and how much it matters…

The Fickle Heartbeat
The question, which has probably been asked over a million times and still there is no proper answer to it…

Very deep and very strong

Suzie81 Speaks
Very cool idea and great questions with great answers!

Great post about tourism and being a tourist and what makes you enjoy a place…

Lifestyles With Lia
The power of words… not only spoken ones…

Love & Olives
How can we handle time… Especially when it is flying…

Thoughts are powerful and very often we are not aware of that fact…

Happened to me too and something I think about a lot (see here)…

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