Second Chances? WTF!!!

“The gunman had a history of crime

Monis, 50, is no stranger to the NSW police or the judiciary.

He first came to attention of police when he penned poisonous letters to the family of dead Australian soldiers seven years ago.

Last year he was charged with being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife, a mother of two.

Most recently, he was charged with more than 50 allegations of indecent and sexual assault relating to time allegedly spent as a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” who dealt with black magic at a premises in western Sydney more than a decade ago.

It is understood Monday’s incident followed an unsuccessful, last-ditch attempt on Friday to have the case heard in the High Court” The Age

There is not a lot out there that makes me boil over. But there is so much of it in this little bit of text I copied out of the news today.

I am absolutely for second chances. Everyone who deserves it should have at least a second chance. But there are people who in my mind never ever should get another chance. Don’t get me wrong, I am not yet entirely for the death penalty but they should be locked up forever in a dark and nasty dungeon.

In the case of the Sydney Siege, which you probably heard of by now as apparently it was all over the news everywhere, the gunman was a crazy lunatic known to the police…

Just read the above text again. He sent out poisoned letters, he was involved in the murder of his ex-wife and he was charged with sexual assault. And he walks free in our streets…

In this moment it does not matter to me if he was a terrorist fighting for something or just a crazy idiot going nuts. He is was dangerous man, who should have been locked up but instead was able to move around freely.

Unfortunately he is not the only one!

Too many cases all over the world where murderers, rapists, pedophiles walk free, either not charged yet, or on a “holiday from prison” or already released because of good behavior… So they walk amongst us and murder and rape and molest or sexually abuse kids happily again. They get caught again (maybe) and then the cycle starts again. A few months in prison, some good behavior, some nice acting and back they are on our streets.

I would love to say that there is something wrong with our justice system. But it is not just our justice system over here in Australia. It happens in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the US. Everywhere… And I don’t understand it. What the hell is wrong with us?

I don’t understand why a person, who has sent out poisonous letters, who was involved in a murder case and who was charged with sexual assault can walk free again, like in this case.

I can not understand how a person, who assaulted, raped and murdered before (and not just in one case) can walk free only to be able to rape and murder another woman, like in Jill Meagher’s case.

I can not understand why a pedophile, who molested, assaulted and raped more than “just” one child, can leave prison only after a few months and actually gets housed right next to a school. Without noticing the school or the neighbors.

I don’t understand why in cases like that an individual’s rights can be put above the rights of a whole community?

Minimum sentence? My ass! Why? Why for people who clearly are guilty as hell, who clearly fall back, who clearly did it again? Why do we have to deal with the fact that rapists, murderers, pedophiles get released and moved to our neighborhood? Lock them up. Lock them up for good. Make their stay in prison not as luxurious and then it costs less for the tax payers as well. Why can they walk free, enjoy a life amongst us and pray on their next victim?

But they lock up people who rob a bank, they lock up people who commit fraud. People who never physically hurt anybody. And they all will be behind bars for longer than the other sick creeps. So money is worth more than your body, than your life, the body and the life of your children?

I don’t get it! It makes me angry, sad, scared and numb.

Yes, I agree, Australia will get over it.

“Only two” innocent lives are lost and the gunman shot dead. A young man and a mother of three are gone forever. Two lives too many!

He should have been locked up. There are families grieving a sheer unbearable loss, mothers, who have lost their children, children who have lost their mom… Because of a creep. Because he was not locked up.

Yes, Australia will learn its lesson. We will look around even more, checking out everyone.

Because of this creep people of the Muslim community now have to be worried too. Worried about the fear and reaction of the others. Worried that people think they all are lunatics and creeps like him. Because of him people like me will look at a Muslim twice and maybe wonder if this person is good or bad. Because of him every single one of us has to assess if it is safe to go out and have a cup of coffee… to live our life in a normal manner.

How very sad!

Australia’s Prime Minister Abott and NSW Premier Baird said what everyone wanted to hear. It is a sad tragedy, which was handled well and Australia is strong and will not suffer and will emerge even stronger and so on… I just missed one thing so far.

I want to hear them say, that they all learned finally. That it is finally time to change something. That it is finally time to work on our justice system. But of course they did not say anything about this. Nothing about changing the fact that people like this gunman can walk free.

Something Derryn Hinch is fighting for and actually went to jail for a long time…

Yes, he went to jail. He went to jail for putting the name of a creep out there, instead of not naming him and protecting him. He went to jail for trying to protect the innocent neighbors and their kids. And I admire him for this! The world needs more Hinch’s…

The sad thing is, that there will be more Jill Meagher cases in the future. There will be more cases like this in the future… There will probably more cases like the Sydney Siege…

It makes me angry, sad, scared and numb. And I bet I am not the only one…

Second chances? How about second chances for us? How about second chances for people like the mom, who has lost her life? How about second chances for Jill Meagher?

Second chances? My ass!

30 thoughts on “Second Chances? WTF!!!

  1. No, you certainly not alone in your thoughts. I’m glad you wrote about it because you expressed your frustration and pain so well. This was not a second chance, he had many chances.

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  2. We also followed the hostage-taking over the news. And I totally understand you. I too cannot understand how an obvious dangerous person can be watched over such a long time. It is not different than over here. People can call for the attention of instituitons but they only start moving after something happened. And even then it has to happen several times until they get in motion. We have some specific dangerous spots on some streets. We already had lots of accidents and even dead people. Nothing happened. Now finally they start considering to make the street wider. Just an example and not comparable with what happened in Sidney.

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    • Oh there are plenty of cases in Switzerland. I remember one a long time ago. Zürichberg… a student gets raped and murdered from a guy on Freilauf… He was a convicted rapist and murderer who was allowed to have a “break from prison”. Even after this case nothing really happened. I think it is shocking and I say it again: I don’t understand how the rights of one individual can be put above the rights of a whole community…

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      • Yes, exactly! What you mention in your comment happens all the time also in Austria and Germany. It is crazy. Also I was shocked yesterday about the comment of a speacker that said: “As long as nobody gets hurt we don’t take aciton.” I couldn’t believe my ears. They really waited until the guy was ready to freak out.

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  3. Canada too, it’s world-wide this insanity. You can call me crazy if you will, but it’s at least partly the fault of this out-of-control Political Correctness Movement. When a criminal is no longer a criminal, but an individual who is simply misunderstood,…well, you keep handing out lighter punishments, you’re going to get lighter results. Just saying.

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    • Thank you. The issue is all over the world as it seems. There are cases in Switzerland and Germany emwhere criminals walk, are released too early or are out on a “vacation from prison” over a weekend…

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  4. I sometimes forget that the US is not alone in experiencing these kinds of things & every time something similar happens elsewhere, it’s somehow a bigger shock. But you are definitely not alone – and an inability to adequately deal with mental health issues seems to be a growing phenomenon

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  5. If you had asked me a couple years ago what I would have thought about getting serious news from Russell Brand, I would have laughed at you. Nowadays, he’s got more credibility in my book than CNN, FOX, and the London Times put together. Kind of sad really.

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