I would rather die of passion than of boredom. – Vincent van Gogh

My passion always have been horses, Arabian Horses especially.

Today it is my family, nature and writing and of course still the Arabian Horse. To be fair: All horses, but the Arabian is just so beautiful, so elegant, so powerful, so fast, so crazy, so… breathtaking. All horses are, but I guess, once the “Arabian Horse Bug” hits you, it will never leave anymore…

We all need something to be passionate about. No matter if it is our hobby, our love, our family, a pet, a place, sports or our job. Or chocolate…

I believe that being bored is part of your life and it is good to learn to deal with it. However, if you are constantly bored it will kill something inside of you. The little flame that it takes to get things rolling.

Be passionate and turn boredom into action.


15 thoughts on “Passion

  1. I read all the Black Stallion books as a girl (but of course!) but it was the Morgan bug that bit me, partly because I grew up in New England and old-style Morgans were all over the place. I was in 4-H. I raised a half-Arab colt and had a Morgan gelding on free lease. Then I became a city girl and thought horses were in my past — till in my 40s a series of coincidences brought them back into the present. I had a Morgan of my own for 10 years. No regrets, but horsekeeping for a landless single woman on a budget takes so much energy and ingenuity that I wasn’t doing much else besides working and horsing. Not much writing. Dueling passions, if you will, and the writing eventually won. It had to.

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