Christmas Time Is Here

I need to bake the Christmas cookies! I waited for too long again… And now, Christmas is almost here. Today and tomorrow we will have friends over and I want there to be Christmas cookies. So I guess this is what I will do next, after finishing this post. Baking.

Christmas is such a great time. Although it feels slightly different to celebrate it Down Under compared to Up Over. But it is an amazing time nonetheless. I love how our tree is getting more and more festive, how the outside decorations sparkles when it is finally dark and of course how the kids eyes are filled with excitement.

Our house is not overly decorated. We are kind of in the middle of the amazing decorations in the US and the shear non existing ones down here. Of course we are… We are Swiss… We always go the middle way ;-). So there are a few decorations everywhere and some of it are our little Santa figures… He is chilling in all different corners of the house. You know, he takes it a bit easier down here…


I love the special feeling which comes with Christmas. Something we all grew up with. A feeling I believe we should never loose. The house is decorated, candles everywhere. The tree is the center piece in the living room and if nobody is watching a Christmas movie we are playing Christmas music. The goodnight stories are Christmas stories and the kids usually take out their favorite Christmas books.


It is a time of reflecting. Reflecting on your life on the world. Reflecting on your past year and also looking forward to the time ahead of you. Reflecting on what you have and on who you can share it with.

It is about giving more than receiving and about spending time with the people you love and appreciate.

For me it is about spending time with my family and my friends. Sharing a good meal together and share your thoughts.

And here we are! Deadlines! I need to get the turkey on Tuesday. I hope I will have enough space in my fridge and it will actually fit in my oven…  This year I will be in charge of cooking dinner on Christmas. My mom always made a turkey so it was the first thing popping in my mind when the decision was made that I will be the Christmas chef this year. Her turkey was always super moist and yum and just perfect. I feel the pressure. But then… everyone eating with us will not be able to compare my turkey to hers… so if I don’t totally mess it up, it should be fine. I am a confident cook usually but hey, it is Christmas after all… and I feel it. You don’t want to make a mistake with Christmas dinner. It is the season to be jolly. And nothing worse than a bad meal… Speaking of getting seasonal… I need to remember to polish the nice glasses for Christmas. The table will be set slightly different to the normal day. A little bit more wow, you know…

Talking about being a confident cook: I usually wing it. I don’t follow recipes and normally have the approach of one hand full of this and one hand full of that. Drives my husband crazy as he always asks me if I at least wrote down how much I used here and there, just to be able to recreate a dish. But of course I don’t…

But for Christmas I will. I will follow the recipe to the dot (probably). And I already made a little plan with deadlines on it. Dessert will be made on the 24th, same with the dips and the salad dressing. I might do some other little prep work then already, might already cook the brussels sprouts… That’s the plan at least. I know that I need to stick to my deadlines, otherwise it will be a late night and that would not be fair for the kids.

Usually I don’t struggle with deadlines. But it is Christmas after all. There will be a lot going on all day. And I kind of also want to enjoy the day. Well, at least I can kind of leave the turkey to the oven for a while 😉

And now excuse me… I have to go and make some cookies…

In response to the Daily Prompt – In Due Time and Getting Seasonal

16 thoughts on “Christmas Time Is Here

  1. I used to LOVE making Christmas cookies. Dipping in and eating some of the dough. LOL Now they have warnings on a cake box mix that I bought recently NOT to eat the batter. Do you believe it? Probably because of the raw eggs. That would be my guess. Anyways …. great post!!! Enjoy your weekend! Love, Amy

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    • I am pretty sure it has to do with all the allergies… We make the batter and then we dig in and half of it is eaten before it is shaped into cookies ;-). That’s part of baking, isn’t it?


  2. Going the middle way is so much better than under or over doing it all! You are right, feeling festive is about giving more than receiving. Infact, it is about spending time with loved ones than spending money on them..

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  3. After all you are Swiss… lol The perfection is part of you… 😉 It is not too bad to make it as perfect as possible. That shows that we have a lot of passion for what we do. We only need to adapt our plans to the time and circumstances at times. I guess that’s the bigger problem… and lesson 😉 I feel with you!

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