Rewriting Your Past?

What if you had the power to rewrite history?

Would you? What part would you rewrite? Would you rewrite the worlds history or would you rewrite a part of your history?

I stumbled across this task for the Daily Post Writing Challenge a couple of days ago and was thinking about it ever since. Honestly, I am still not sure what I would do. There are so many moments in my life that could have gone easier or maybe even better, but then… if I would rewrite it, what effect would it have on everything that came afterwards?

As probably everyone else I would not want to rewrite a good part of my life. Why would you? But what about the nasty bits, the struggles, the downs? How great would it be if you could change them, in hindsight or maybe even while you are stuck in one of those hard to manage moments…

Tempting, isn’t it…

How easy would it be if you could take this word back or the sentence or just everything you said to a person that then lead to the unbearable not talking to each other anymore. Change what you said into something nice and you would go back to where you were before…

How easy would it be if you could never have that one drink that then lead to more and more and eventually to an addiction…

How easy would it be if we could rewrite situations to make things undone or done better or if we could prevent accidents, maybe even deaths…

But thankfully we can’t…

Thankfully because I think it would have such a massive impact on our lives. Nothing would be the same again. I have written about this before. I often wonder what would be if. I wonder if our life would be different if we would have chosen another path, or if we would still be exactly where we are just now.

Now, if we are here and we do change something in our past by rewriting this little bit of history, what impact would it have on us? I am not so sure that it would be good…

As a little example: If I would rewrite a short bit of my husbands and my relationships, a short moment where we struggled as a team, something that I kind of wish would not have happened, I might clean up our history by rewriting it. But what would be the aftermath of it?

That moment of struggling lead us to bonding more and to really become a unit. It made us both really grow up and melt into a strong unit. It was necessary for us… it was necessary for me to grow up, for me to see who I really am.

Now if I rewrite it, I would probably not grow into the person I am today. And that would definitely change a lot.

Of course, you might say, you can then work on rewriting again. And that is the point. If you are happy with where you are now and with who you are now, no rewriting is necessary. No matter how annoying the situation was back in your past. It was necessary to get you to the point you are now…

I guess it is easy to say, if you are in a happy place. And still I think that all the obstacles in our life are meant to teach us something. To take us further, to shape us into the person we are meant to be.

Embrace them, deal with them and use them to move on. Even if you are not at peace with them now. Maybe instead of wanting to rewrite it, you should use them as tools to build on your future. Make them a part of something great.

In response to Daily Post Writing Challenge – Hindsight 20 -20

17 thoughts on “Rewriting Your Past?

  1. I agree – people always say ‘if that hadn’t happened to you/if you didn’t have illnesses you would have had such an easier life’ and while that may be true (my sisters a good testament to this, I like to think she’s me without the set backs) I also wouldn’t have a) have the same best friends I do now, who have all changed me for the better, b) wouldn’t be as close to my mum, c) wouldn’t have learnt just how strong I can be and how to use it and d) wouldn’t have started writing. I envy my sister her life and how easy she has had things at times, but I wouldn’t change my story to hers.

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