Blast From The Past – Just Keep Swimming

This is probably my favorite posts I’ve written so far. It is one of my very first ones and I might be able to write it slightly better now than I did back then. Still, the message in it is very close to my heart.

I got inspired by a blogger I’ve found back then but I’ve not seen anything from him ever since. I hope that he made it and that his life got easier ever since…

As I was reading through all the posts of my fellow Blogging 101 bloggers one of them got me thinking. BigGayAl’s story really touched me.

So just as a little heads up: This is about how I see challenges in my life and my little approach to handling them for myself. I am talking about obstacles in my life. There were some bigger ones but the majority are not huge so I am far from telling anybody with real struggles what to do or how to approach it. But maybe it might give you a new little tool on your journey?

So BigGayAl’s post made me think about what we hear or say so often: Never give up! When I was reading it I was hoping that he would not get to the point of “so I just gave up”. And luckily he didn’t.

But how often are we close to giving up. How often does life offer us lemon instead of honey? And how often do we get stuck in front of a super high wall we fear we can never ever manage to get around, climb over or tear down? How often do we feel as if we are stuck in deep mud and we  C A N   J U S T   N O T  get out? And how do those words sound then?

I’ve been there too. As probably many of you as well. For me the “Never give up” developed into “Keep going”… Keep going… This is what I tend to tell myself in moments like that. Just keep going, or as Dory in “Finding Nemo” said: Just keep swimming. And the “Just keep swimming” is what is my go to sentence when I get stuck in front of the wall or in the mud. Because it makes so much sense.

I swim in my river of life. And as you know rivers are not always smooth, calm and pleasant to float in. The can be pretty nasty! Smooth and calm for a while and then you come around a corner and it hits you! Suddenly there are currents, rapids and sometimes waterfalls. Oh my, those make it so hard to keep your head above water and to keep swimming.

But you know what? You just have to! And as long as you keep your head above water and you are not trying to swim against the current but just keep swimming, you will hit a smooth and calm part of your river of life again. You might get pretty exhausted, but there will always be that calm part again. And you will be able to recover and enjoy the ride.

In difficult situations “Never give up” or my “Just keep swimming” sound so difficult. It is so hard! Yes, there will be a calm part of the river ahead, but how long will it be until I reach it? Will I be able to keep my head up in my wild river of life? Will the currents draw me down or will I be strong enough to keep kicking?

I have so much respect for everyone who keeps going and who is not giving up. It is not easy. It is a battle you fight within yourself and it is so exhausting. You look in the mirror and all you can see is your exhausted self. You might ask yourself “What am I doing?” and there is no answer to it. And then there are all those other people around you who affect you. Even if they might not know about your struggles or the place you are in, you feel like they can see it, they know and you think they judge you.

Most probably they have no clue and they are not judging you. But if they know and if they are judgmental: Screw them all, right? As it is your battle, your life.You are not affecting them and their life and after all: You are the one who is not giving up!

And not giving up takes a lot! It takes a lot of guts and a lot of power and a lot of strength! If you are not giving up, you are strong!

Swim in your river of life, be aware that the rapids and currents might also take you to a better place and maybe tear you out of a bad corner. So embrace them as much as you can and try to see a fun side to it, as there might be one hiding underneath. Be confident that there will always be a smooth ride ahead again as this is the circle of life and it is so worth it!


15 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Just Keep Swimming

  1. I really like this. I have literally swam for my life in the wide river we windsurf in and have had to swim with my gear as a result of too much wind or not enough. Great metaphor for life; thanks for reposting! Hope your Christmas was wonderful. Still celebrating Christmas here.

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  2. Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:

    As I’ve used this post previously as a blast from the past I decided to reblog it today. As I mention below it’s one of my most favorite post I’ve written. And it’s a message that is very close to my heart.

    When I reach those moments of fatigue, of not knowing how and if the sentence “just keep swimming” with Ellen DeGeneres voice pops up in my head. Every single time! This message told by the little fish Dory in Finding Nemo is one of the most important ones in life.

    Although I later found out that the blogger who actually inspired me to write this post made everything up, I know that there are people like this out there, struggling in the way he described in his post.

    To all of you who are struggling: Just keep swimming!


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