Blast From The Past – Dear Parents

Nothing more precious and beautiful than your children… They deserve all of your love and only the best. I can not and will never understand how you can hurt your children and neglect them…. A blast from my blogging past about this thought.

There is no bigger love than the love of a child for the parents.

There is no bigger trust that the trust of a child in the parents.

There is no bigger joy than the joy of a child.

There is nothing as soothing for a child than being held by the parents.

There is nothing more awarding for a child than seeing the proud in the parents eyes or hearing them cheer.

So why would you crush all of this? Why would you want to crush this love, crush this trust, crush this joy? Why would you take this soothing feeling away? Why would you make your child feel worthless? Why would you talk down on them?

Dear Parents: Don’t take love, trust, joy, the soothing feeling and pride away from your child.

Because there is no bigger love than the love of a parent for the child, no bigger joy than seeing your child, no better feeling than hugging your child and being hugged by your child. No better feeling than seeing the love for you in your child’s eyes.

Why would you want to destroy this little sparkle in those eyes?

Why would you let your frustration and anger out on the person who has nothing to do with it. The person, who loves you no matter what… Why would you abandon the one person, who trusts you 100%? Why would you let others do bad stuff to the one person, who trusts you 100% and would do everything for you not to get hurt? Why would you look away, when this one person, who trusts you and loves you no matter what, gets hurt again and again and again?

Why would you call this little person names, or demolish this little person self esteem? Why would you want to keep this little person’s confidence so low?

You might have a good explanation for all of my question and this explanation might be good enough for you. Unfortunately…

But it will never be good enough for me. Because I just don’t get it. I do not understand. And I will never ever understand!

10 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Dear Parents

  1. I will never understand either. Every day, I work with my children to undo exactly these kinds of damage from their “former lives.” Every day I fight anger in my own life against the people who have done this to these precious Little Ones. I will never understand.

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  2. Thank you for the follow, I am a parent one of my main goals is to give my daughter all those things I never had. This is what made her the shinning star that she is today. I started when she was a small thing, as soon as she had all her shots she went everywhere with me. I read to her, talked to her, sang to her, we counted, we learned colors, my God I could go on and on. I put the time in and now she is 8 going on 22 asking for the car keys. The love in this house we call home is so that when it’s cloudy outside you can still see the shine. Thank you again, I’ll be back

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