Random Thought After A Day On The Beach

We’ve spent the day together with friends on a beach close by. So here we go, some random thoughts:

Not the beach we've been to today, but pretty close crowd-wise... Source: www.triptide.com.au

Not the beach we’ve been to today, but pretty close crowd-wise… Source: http://www.triptide.com.au

Do you remember the days when a girl could ask a guy to put sun lotion on her back or the guy would offer it to her? You know that sort of touching base and maybe the first approach really… Is that time over? Now that everyone is using the spray on sun lotion (or whatever you call it)… What a shame… It is just not the same anymore…

Why is it that some people think they have to crank up their music on a beach? Are they really so confident that they think everyone else will like it too? Or should I rather call it ignorant?

Funny to watch all those girls. I wonder if we were the same… So much showing off. So much pulling on the bikini top and adjusting the pants. Hair right? Check. Sunglasses okay? Check. Everyone looking? Check 😉

Hey, maybe that is why they are cranking up the music! The girls might notice them! Hhmm… not all of them seemed to be amused by it. I have to admit though, it got pretty entertaining when one of the guys decided to turn up the volume and one of the other two decided to turn it back down… Hey, boys, if you crank up your music at least make up your mind about how loud you all want it to be…

How come people like to “snuggle up” with you although there is still plenty of space on the beach? Seriously? How about leaving at least 1.5m between our towels?

It is a good idea to find a spot all the way in the back… Although the way to the water is longer and eventually appears like an obstacle course and you see all those people between you and the water, nobody will step on your towel…

It was not a really hot day and therefor people did not really go into the water. There were only a handful of people swimming or playing in the water.

Why is it that some guys need to jump into the water right next to you so you get that nice splash of cold water before you are actually ready to dive in? I think it is great that you can enter the water so fast, I am not slow myself, but how about giving me some space here too. There is plenty of room…

Funny watching all those guys… I wonder if they were the same when I was young? So much showing off… How much muscles can you show off while throwing a ball? Apparently heaps… Hair right? Check. Sunglasses okay? Check. Looking cool? Check. Girls watching? Check 😉

I wonder how much beer actually got consumed over the time I was there… I initially wanted to count the bottles I saw but then gave up as it would have been too much and I rather wanted to focus on the kids.

I have to say, it was an interesting task to get from our little spot back to the path which lead back to the car park. It felt like sardines in a can and it is hard not to step on a sardine in a can… But hey, we got there…

Anyway… we had a great day, heaps of fun and free entertaining. Still, I am really glad that I have the opportunity to go to the beach on Mondays as well rather than having to stick to the weekend only. It just makes it more peaceful 😉

Happy to go back to this...

Happy to go back to this…

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