35 thoughts on “Crazy Hot

  1. I don’t care for boiling hot weather. I like it nice and warm…sometimes nice, warm weather even puts me to sleep. You know, when you have the flu, you find sleep in the oddest places…like the bathtub! I gotta be careful not to drown!

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      • I’ve been trying to get myself up and moving. For the past week I’ve been beached in a comfy chair and losing too much weight. Now I’m trying to eat a lot more (like, the normal amount lol) and move around a bit. Right now I’m typing from my desk. It’s the first time I’ve worked in an upright position since I came down with this trick of fate. And I’ve been moving around the house a lot more. We went for a drive a while ago and I dragged myself along. I thought, why not? I’d be outside (kind of) and we weren’t planning on leaving the car. So I guess that means I’m getting better. Now if only I can get an Astronomical Chronicle out…

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      • I know, but I have a lot of Chronicles planned…I was planning to do six a day for a while. But the flu had other plans. I don’t want it to get its way, though…and I do have a Chronicle on the way. #28. It’s taking its sweet time getting written, though. I’m beginning to think it has a mind of its own… 😉

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  2. It’s been crazy hot in Sydney lately and now it’s cool, wet and apparently that’s the forecast for the week. Sydney weather just refuses to conform to any kind of expectation.

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