My Picks Of The Week – #1

Welcome to my very first edition of My Picks Of The Week 2015. Please head over and check out the following posts and blogs 🙂

Just A Dad With Disney Questions
Yes, I wonder what Mother Gothel’s post Rapunzel plans actually were too…

Adopting JamesDo you guys remember Calvin & Hobbes? The boy and his tiger? I loved those stories and how much fantasy that little boy always had. He always seemed so in control. And now it seems like there is more of them…

Behind The White Coat
Not the first great post and for sure not the last one. Great blog. And this post made me cry… What a brutal situation…

Raising My Rainbow
Oh how much I love this post. Parenting should be about acceptance and love.

A Holistic Journey
Interesting how the end of the year always triggers so many thoughts… looking back, looking forward, looking inside…


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