Sharks – Did You Know…

… That sharks have a better sense of smell than any other kind of fish? They can detect one part of animal blood in 100 million (!!!) parts of water…

That is pretty amazing… And pretty scary… Although sharks really scare me, they fascinate me as well. I think they are amazing creatures and we should pay them more respect. I am sad to see the culling of those beautiful animals in WA and a little while ago I had a rather heated discussion with a friend of mine about it.

I find it amazing that so many shark attack victims end up protecting them. And it shows that none of them blame the grey predator of our oceans really.

We enter their territory. We look like their prey. We probably act like their prey.

It is easy to say for me, as I’ve never had a close encounter with a shark. Still I believe we have to respect them, respect their environment and respect the moments and times it is dangerous to go into the water or the specific places. Unfortunately as so often we want it all and we want it now and whatever is in our way has to make room for that. And therefor we will hunt sharks and kill them because we want “our” beaches to be safe.

Yes, I want to swim in the ocean. Yes, I want to feel safe. But I don’t want an animal to be killed just because it might get too close. As I said, we are entering their territory. And where ever you go, there are always certain guidelines to follow to be a little bit safer.

Don’t swim in murky water or after a big storm with lots of rain, as it brings food sources into the ocean, which brings bigger fish closer to the shore, which will then bring their predators closer in (sharks). So the risk will be bigger to have an encounter. And then there are just places where you just don’t go in the water because they are sharks everywhere. Usually the locals might be able to let you know. And maybe it also helps to check out the warnings along the beach before entering the water.

Sharks are not out their waiting for us or hunting us as we are make to believe in either Jaws or The Beach. And I will not even mention Sharknado (oh my, I just did…)…

Their are only about 75 shark attacks worldwide every year. Of course it is 75 too many for those involved but given the number of people all over our planets swimming in the ocean on a daily base it is simply nothing.

Did you also know, that sharks have been around for 450 – 420 million years already and that the majority of modern sharks can actually be traced back to around 100 million years? It is like a living dinosaur. And it amazes me how well evolved they are. How “well designed” they are for survival. And then it only needs one predator to mess with this amazing evolution. And it’s us… again…

Fact is: The world needs sharks. Our oceans need sharks. We need them. And by hunting and killing them we will mess with the system once again.

13 thoughts on “Sharks – Did You Know…

  1. To me, it seems like humans take animal attacks so personally. The animals are not maliciously attacking us because we’re human, they are attacking us to protect themselves/their family, or, like you said, we are acting like their prey.

    We are supposed to be the more evolved species and when we go out and hunt down sharks it’s not for protection, it’s for revenge. That is not ok. Nor is sharkfin soup. Deplorable.

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  2. If a shark ever shows up at my front door wielding a shotgun, then he gets no mercy from me, but until such a time, as long as he stays in his ocean, I don’t figure I have any reason to go hunting him.

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