The Truth

And here it is: The truth. I am a Taurus! You did not see this coming, right? But there is more, just wait…

As a Taurus I love the good things in life. Good food, good company, good wine, good times. Picture a Taurus. What a massive creature. And therefor I am sometimes a bit lazy and “heavy to move”. I can be so stubborn, which can be a bad thing but also a good thing.

A good thing because I can stick to things. Stuff that I really want to achieve. I will do it. But I need to have my mind set to it. I will pull through it, the way an ox pulls a heavy object and I might as well run you over if you are in my way. I don’t want to, I do not mean to but it just might happen.

Over the last 15 years of my life I had my ups and downs weight-wise. Never really huge changes (besides during my pregnancies, when I did let it go overboard…) but still unnecessary highs. Why? Well, because I am who I am. And because, as I said, the good things in life really appeal to me.

My discipline kind of works in a mysterious way: I am very disciplined in cutting myself some slack. Life is too short to be disciplined all the time. Still I handle myself pretty well as I manage to get back on track again.

What a long intro… Sorry, guys. What I actually want to say here is that after making exercise one of my top priorities over the majority of 2014, I gave myself a break in November. Mainly because we were away most of this months (always a good excuse and never a good excuse). Unfortunately my lack of exercise was always combine with a lack of discipline in my eating habits (and drinking habits, but shhhhh…). And what happened? A very frustrating thing…

See, end of 2013 I had gained too much weight again, although I was exercising pretty hard. But I did not follow through diet-wise. And by diet I don’t mean proper diet, just healthier eating habits. So I ended up being 10kg above the weight I consider my maximum to still feel comfortable with it. Not a nice place to be. Pants did not fit anymore and I was facing summer with more weight around my mid section then I wanted to. And that is my problem! The weight I put on is not distributed evenly. It goes right down and around my belly. Muffin top, you know. Legs are fine, arms are fine, behind is fine. But there is my muffin top.

So I set my mind to it and decided to start my healthy habits again on the third Monday of January 2014. I always start on Mondays. Why? I just think it makes it easier. I radically changed my diet back to healthy eating with cutting out the bad carbs, reducing the portion sizes and cutting out sugar as much as possible. I stopped drinking a glass of wine every night and kept up with my workouts. Well, I actually started a new workout routine but with the same tools as usual.

In more or less no time I lost 6kg. My aim was to loose 8kg until end of August, slowly but steadily. I plateaued but I kept going and eventually reached my goal just before we left early November…

And then the frustrating thing happened. As I mentioned prior. I dropped the disciple while away and right now I am looking at 3 gained Kilos. What actually annoys me more is that I feel that the exercising got very hard after dropping it for only 3 weeks. All the HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) I was doing before already, which of course always were and will always be hard, seemed so much harder again. I felt out of shape. After over a year of regular workout and only dropping it for 3 weeks.

Unfortunately this is what it does to you. It does not take long to get out of shape. To have to rebuild your “power to push through”, to rebuild the muscle mass you’ve gained over a long time of constant workout but then lost over only a short time f not really working out. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to take a break. It actually helps your muscle recover and build up. But it does not work over a time of three to five weeks.

So here I am, my Taurus self. Ready to move the masses again and ready to kick of 2015 with my usual workout routines. Ready to get back on track with eating and ready to stick to it as well. Hell, I managed to not drink for 28 days in December. Which for me is a big thing.

As I said, it happens in my head. It is all about making that decision. And if I can wholeheartedly be behind it, it will happen. No… I will make it happen.

And here is how it will work:

On Monday, January 5th I will go back to healthy eating. I will do two detox days to kick start it and then continue with smaller portion sizes, less carbs, no sugar (okay, maybe just less…) and I will continue to not drink alcohol but on very special occasions. My aim for that: At least 25 days not drinking this months.

I started with my workout routine yesterday already. Over the next four weeks I will do 12 different HIIT workouts, working out on two days in a row, then taking a day “break” and just doing a 3-5km run. Once this month is done, I will take it up a nudge and will only have one day with a break and instead of only one HIIT workout a day will do two HIIT workouts on one day. In the third month I will be at the point where I will do two workouts on two days and will no longer have a day with a break. It is an amazing program, which I did already last year over the majority of the year. If you want to find out more, head over to Zuzkalight and look up Power Cardio Workout.

I follow Zuzka for almost 6 years now, ever since she was part of Bodyrock. Her workouts are amazing and perfect for me, as they are short and easy to do at home. She gives you all the intros you need. Having said that, please always make sure you check out her intros as the right form is crucial. Until a bit over a year ago her workouts were all free and you can still find a ton of them on YouTube. Just search for ZWOW (you can also see her transformation between ZWOW #1 and #75 from 2013… and I am not just talking about the fake boops…).

Anyway, I love those workouts and they work for me. I don’t like going to the gym, so there we go.

My goals in short:

Loosing 10kg and about 10cm around my belly button until end of September (latest)
Running 10km on a regular base again

This is not a new years resolution. It is creating a habit. And I will get there. Let me know if you want to join in…

I will keep you posted 😉

32 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. I know how maybe you and many feel about blogosphere awards… I have nevertheless nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award… I mean it as my appreciation for your courage and inspiration, my admiration for your creativity and wisdom… Please bear with me for this faux pas 🙂


  2. It definitely needs a lot of discipline to keep our shape in our age. Although I am working out for years regularly (on a more or less daily base) and try to control my passion for sweets and good food even longer, only a few weeks of not working out makes me feel the difference. So we simply always have our goal in mind in order to motivate ourselves to stick to our plan. I found out that the easiest way of keeping it all up is to schedule a part of the day for half an hour work out. That’s enough. It is not too much time but enough to stay on track. And then it doesn’t matter if due to time or appointments you can’t make it happen for some days.

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  3. Know where you’re coming from with the yo-yo weight.
    We’ve been slack for the past few months, so are now getting into the habit of NOT buying biscuits, sweets, chocolate and sticky buns every time we shop.
    Last night we snacked on a carrot. It was actually OK, so maybe that will be a good habit to get into!

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  4. When we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, it’s the worst feeling. I know you can get back on track.My husband and I are doing 123 days of exercise – so the days where I hurt, need rest, my scoliosis and postpartum body are screaming at me I will just go for a walk or do some yoga. I agree that it really is all about building habit. If we really value our health we will make the commitment. Hope to hear follow up posts about your success!!

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      • So I have a question for you, speaking as the science guest blogger here on this site. Do you go by current alignments or historical alignments?

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      • Oh now you got me! I go by my birth horoscope which was given to me a couple of years ago from a great person and friend of mine. She used to work as a astrologist (is that the right term?). Does that help?

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      • Well, I should probably add that astrology is considered a pseudoscience, not a real science, but that doesn’t change that it’s pretty fun to make predictions with! I myself don’t rely on it to describe my personality, but I realize that other people have found traits in common with their signs. That’s fine with me. If your birth horoscope, no matter when it was given to you, was given to you by a professional astrologer, that probably means it uses historical alignments. You have a right to know the truth—that the planet and star alignments have changed since astrology was developed—but that doesn’t have to change anything at all. Astronomers as a group don’t have much respect for astrology. I try not to make such statements because I’m not exactly professional yet and it’s more important that I keep a low profile than represent science to the fullest. Astrology can be a fun practice and I understand that. Sometimes it even works…who knows. The important thing to understand is that your horoscope is probably not even astrologically correct.

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      • Interesting… I actually think that she mentioned something about it. I understand where you are coming from and astrology is very often a bit of a hit and miss and probably used to make “quick” money too often. I don’t read horoscopes in magazines. They are all BS. When I was younger I worked for a sports magazine and one of the young newbies was given the task to write horoscopes for every week with the main focus on sports. They were all made up of course and I believe this is the case everywhere.
        But I honestly believe in what is said in my birth horoscope, as so much of it really applies to me. I had my friend make one for my kids and they are pretty accurate so far. As I said, in the mentioned horoscopes it basically tells you what tools you were “given by your alignments”. Kind of like someone who is better with words, good with people, conversation and someone who is better with numbers and more introverted and so on. She always talked about “the tools you were given”, which made me think of a little tool box.
        Now it is up to me how I use them. If I have a great screwdriver but I try to cut bread with it, I will probably never be as successful with this as I could if I would actually use it properly.
        So If I am better with words and in relationship with people (like in hospitality) I would probably not be as successful as a rocket scientist.
        I guess you are right. It is fun to play with. Hey, that would be an interesting guest post from your side, if you are interested: Astronomy vs Astrology…

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    • I’ll think about it. I actually avoided an Astronomical Chronicle of of the same topic. (I was going to write it because I found it in my resource.) But I decided against it. I’ve tried to avoid touchy subjects like religion, astrology, climate science, etc. because I tend to be very opinionated and I don’t even like to get on the subject of an argument…I’m very talkative, I’m sure you’ve noticed, and I try to keep that box closed entirely on things where I don’t want to upset people…I just never know where I’m supposed to be provocative in blogging. Ugh. This balance beam is impossible to walk.

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  5. Howdy! Thanks for the follow! I have enjoyed reading this post and I think that I’m going to go ahead and check out ZWOW. The last time I lost weight I did so very drastically though being in college and working my previous routine just wasn’t possible to keep up with (In high school I had so much free time I was never sitting still and running and walking for six or so hours a day). Aside from being unable to maintain such a routine, in hindsight the routine itself wasn’t so healthy (I ended up losing 10 pounds a week!). As per the norm, when I went to college my eating habits worsened and the only exercise I really get is walking to and from class and work. Thanks for the suggestion for a possible workout regimen to check out!

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    • The workouts are short and intense. They will be hard to do in the beginning but all you need to do is push hard and try your best. The results are really great!


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