A Novel And A Prequel


I’ve mentioned to you that I am currently busy with my novel and the prequel to it. As I have decided to self publish I have created a new blog specifically for the Novel and the projects to come. If you are interested in keeping track about the projects let me know and I will guide you over to the new website 😉

I am happy about the progress so far and I try not to keep loosing track. At this stage I am stuck with the design of a cover for both of them although I have a clear vision. Any suggestions or ideas? Any helping websites you can refer me to?

Of course I also don’t want to neglect this blog. It really means a lot to me. And so does the interaction with all of you and the inspiration I get from your posts. I feel like I am at a good point in my life right now and I am finally ready to do it and publish and interact and grow into who I am supposed to be. A writer.

Ever since I’ve started this blog I have read so many amazing posts. Your posts about your lives, yourselves, your poems or stories you’ve written. It all inspired me so much!

I believe that we all carry each other further.

We are the change we need, we create the change someone else needs.

Thanks for all your support 🙂

In response to the Daily Prompt – Be The Change

23 thoughts on “A Novel And A Prequel

  1. You do that. I’ve been waiting for the day when you announce the price and sales platform! I wanna read it! Ah, see, you’ve got the beginning of your indie community right here.

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  2. Like I mentioned on Twitter, you may have some luck on Fiverr.com. If not, and if you have a small budget, you could try to recruit university students studying graphic design.

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  3. Once you do come to a firm decision on how you want to go about doing this, you could also let me know whereabouts I have to go if I’m going to keep track of you and your work. In your own time though. I’m just glad to see you making progress.

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  4. It is an amazing experience to publish a book. It is like giving birth to another child. I experienced it four times and it is so special each time. Each time is different like kids are. So don’t worry about us. We will stick to you. Just take your time and concentrate on your novel. It is so exciting and nees time. I also will have to step back a little to finally get my next book done. We have so many interests and love so much to do. But at times we just have to set priorities in order to get everything done in a way we feel comfortable.

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