Take Risks

Take risks! If you win, you will be happy. If you lose, you will be wise. – Author Unknown

I just feel this quote really applies to me at the moment. It is time to take this risk and try to move forward with something that is so important to me.

What about you guys? Are you risk takers? Have you decided to take a risk for something that is worth it? Are you happy with this decision?

21 thoughts on “Take Risks

  1. I am, honestly, a coward. I hate taking risks. As much as I realise this is not good, this is who I am. I only take risks if they are likely to lead to success, or if I have no other choice…

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  2. Big gains can be reaped by taking risks, I have taken a few down the line. When it works, all goes on well; when it doesn’t, I do not have to blame anyone else. Risk and responsibility go hand in hand. It is easier to take risk when you are not answerable to someone.

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  3. Go for it. Or you may spend the rest of your life regretting it. You know your own measures for risk, so calculate them and take your decisions. It is always very personal.
    I’m a risk taker. I prefer to say that I will never know if I never ry. Sometimes it goes wrong but I cannot blame anyone. There is always a lesson to learn.
    Good luck.

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  4. Taking risks has always been a scary thing for me because I try to plan out everything in my life. But once I realized everything doesn’t go according to plan, I started to step outside of my comfort zone. Now I just do it; no questions asked. You live and you learn. I love this quote! Thank you for that!

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  5. I would not consider myself a risk taker. Maybe a CALCULATED risk taker. I believe in weighing the options well before jumping into anything. Having said that, some jumps end in a bump, so do some quick math and don’t forget to weigh up your odds of surviving a plummet into the briar patch. 🙂 But while I don’t believe failure is a foregone conclusion for any risk taker, it should be remembered that neither is success. Brace yourself, hold on tight, and work to make it work! Mother Hen *cluck!*

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  6. I am quite afraid of failure (for many reasons stemming from the past). I have grown *slightly* more courageous in the past few years, and now I am occasionally willing to take calculated risks. Baby steps, right? ;-). Good luck with your new endeavor!

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  7. I hope that taking this risk works out just as you want it to. Risks can be scary to take and I’ve taken a few. Some have worked out well and others…not so much. But, how will we ever know if we don’t try? It’s better to take risks sometimes than to always wonder ‘what if’.

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